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Vancouver Canucks Draft Prab Rai of Surrey

Monday, June 23rd, 2008 — 12:44pm PDT
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On Friday I was over at the Strutta event tucked into an office with DaveO while his brother fed us draft updates over the phone. I admit I was much more involved in the processed when the event was held in Vancouver but nevertheless, there were some interesting results.

draft 002

Continuing my Surrey love-fest this morning, it’s my pleasure to announce (although many already know) that a hometown Surrey hockey player Prab Rai has been drafted by the Vancouver Canucks.

“Though he’s not the first Indian to be drafted, he’s one of very few over the years,” noted Alanah on Canucks and Beyond who links to this blog in her post:

“The Vancouver Canucks drafted Prab Rai (full name Prabhraj) in the 5th Round of the 2008 draft… …He is from the city that love built, Sunny Surrey, BC. Is he the first Indian guy to play in the league? No, that was Robin Bawa who played a game or two here and there, who’s career highlight was a missed bodycheck knocking out the glass. Hopefully this guy makes it up to play, and plays well, you know he’d be a fan favourite. I’m sure every brown guy in BC is claiming he’s his cousin already anyways.” [Blog Trot]

Interview while playing for Seattle in the WHL

The Province even called him the Surrey Sizzle in Sunday’s paper:

Rai grew up in the Surrey Minor Hockey Association, tallying 96 points in bantam, and spent a year with the famed Notre Dame Hounds in Saskatchewan before being drafted by the WHL’s Prince George Cougars. He spent 18 months with the Cougars before being traded to the Thunderbirds, where he flourished, notching 25 goals and 49 assists in 110 games over the past two seasons. He patterns his play after his hockey hero, Pavel Bure, but instead of the Russian Rocket, Rai could be the Surrey Sizzle. [The Province]

It’s always exciting to see young talent rise to the big leagues and even moreso when they’re from your region and are truly proud of their community. I can see all of Metro Vancouver (and BC) getting behind this kid who has many great years of hockey ahead of him.

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  1. Keith Rezton says:

    Classy how Strutta has an ‘event’ the same day they lay-off a bunch of people.

  2. Jordan says:

    To clarify, we didn’t host an event the same day we laid off a bunch of people.

    The week before last, Strutta made a change to the company strategy that coincided with phasing out three full-time positions. While we’re excited about what comes next for us, we will miss our dear friends, and we were happy that they saw fit to join us on (this most recent)Friday afternoon to ring in Summer with a few cold ones.

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