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Since my mother’s birthday and Mother’s Day are so close together in the month of May, I figured a consolidated post wouldn’t make me look too cheap, would it?

Reasons for not writing on the subject yesterday include the fact that my mom was out of the country and wouldn’t have been able to read this anyway. Instead of writing out some sappy words I’ve decided to include some photos, sort of a visual aid to demonstrate just how far John and I have come.

In short, we wouldn’t have been able to get from here…

To here…

I Year Anniversary

…Without the love and support of two ladies, whose strength (and patience) is that of a super-human.

Now for the sappy part… John and I are both the youngest our families and are really close with our mothers – who I think both refer to us still as their “babies” to friends, family, and that lady at the checkout in the grocery line up last week. While our older siblings were off at school we’d chill with our moms during the day, I’d like to think that I was my mom’s sidekick during those years. You know we’d hang out, go to the store, take a bus to see Oma and Opa, and I’d pretend to nap while she watched All My Children.

We might not get around to saying it often enough but our moms are the bee’s knees and while one is only a few cities away and the other is across the continent, both never leave our hearts and thoughts.

Update: I just have to include this too…

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  1. Duane StoreyMonday, May 12th, 2008 — 9:20am PDT

    You guys look the same.

  2. Miss604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 9:21am PDT

    I should really go replicate that shot on a log on the Seawall – although my hair is less strawberry blond now… but I’ll wear the same socks.

  3. RaulMonday, May 12th, 2008 — 9:37am PDT

    This post was REALLY sweet 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to Mom604 and Mom-In-Law604 🙂

  4. mom604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 11:31am PDT

    To my baby girl:
    Your sentiments mean a lot to me (you already know that) Thank you for your sweet words and loving thoughts – that’s the kind of daughter you are. Both you and your sister are the best daughters a Mom could ask for. You have both been my rock when I needed you most. (Thanks to JenJen for another great adventure!)

    @Raul: Thank you for your Mother’s Day message. I know your Mom must realize what a terrific son she has.

  5. Miss604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 11:50am PDT

    Did you listen to the video clip ‘ma? 😉

  6. mom604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 11:55am PDT

    No, I will have to wait until I get home from work, as I have no sound on my computer here. (Will it make me cry?)

  7. Miss604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 11:57am PDT

    I think it might drive you up the wall 😛

    Here’s a transcript for those without sound:

    Stewie: (Comes into the bedroom) Lois! Lois! Lois! Lois! Lois! Lois! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mama! Mama! Mama! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mummy! Mummy! Mumma! Mumma! Mumma!
    Lois: What!?
    Stewie: Hi! (Giggling and running out of the room)

  8. mom604Monday, May 12th, 2008 — 1:02pm PDT

    Ahh, brings back memories!

  9. RaulMonday, May 12th, 2008 — 10:29pm PDT

    @ Mom604 – Thank you 🙂 I do hope you and my Mom meet up when she comes up visit!

    @ Rebecca – I found the video funny but it reminded me of my upstairs neighbour! 🙁 hehehe 😉

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