Vancouver Metblogs Meetup Tomorrow

Monday, May 19th, 2008 — 10:20pm PDT
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In the summer of 2006 I joined the Metroblogging Vancouver team and over the last few years our network has grown to represent over 50 bloggable cities worldwide. Admittedly my participation has dwindled somewhat however I’m still pretty proud to be a part of this global community.

Tomorrow there will be a Vancouver Metblogs meetup at Library Square Public House. All readers, commenters, authors, and anyone in general is more than welcome (in fact encouraged) to stop by and have some food and drink with the Metblogs team.

I realize tomorrow is also Third Tuesday, which I am sponsoring with a live blog and prizes, but I think heading to Library Square afterwards would be pretty fun – here’s why:

  • Metroblogging people are super cool
  • We’re the largest group of hyper-local sites in the world
  • If you’re not a blogger, that’s super cool too
  • We are bloggers first and foremost, and we love our cities. Even the parts we hate.
  • We’re looking for new authors and would love to chat with you
  • Metroblogging loves you
  • Metblogs PowerAlso the father of Metroblogging nation, Sean Bonner, is in town and will be at the meetup. Sean is also the co-founder of Bode Media Inc and he helped create the Los Angeles group blog,, the flagship site of Metblogs.

    If you can make it on time at 7:30pm, awesome. If you’re going to Third Tuesday to hear Darren Barefoot speak – that’s cool too, however please consider heading over to Library Square with us afterwards if you’re not already social media’d out for the night.

    Current contests on

    • Enter here to win tickest to see Herringbone at the Anvil Centre (until Sept 24)
    • Enter here to win an Oktoberfest at at the Alpen Club prize pack (until Sept 19)
    • Enter here to win tickets to Le Concert Spirituel Baroque Orchestra Suites (until Sept 19)
    • Enter here to win tickets to the Coquitlam Express hockey games this weekend (until Sept 20)
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    1. Raul says:

      You *do* realize that that means four events for me in two days, right ๐Ÿ˜‰ I might go if you go too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. […] we’re meeting up at the Library Square Pub. This officially starts at 7:30 but it seems like folks from the Third Tuesday meetup will be coming over after they are done as well so we’ll probably be around for a few […]

    3. […] Metblogs meetup is currently going on over at Library […]

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