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I think I’ve had maybe 3 pedicures in my life, most recently at Element in Yaletown with Keira just before her birthday back in December. It was lovely and I particularly loved sitting in massage chairs, getting the royal treatment from the knee down and spending some down time with a friend.

Photo credit: Derek Miller on Flickr

The pedicure experience is one that I think everyone should witness first hand (man or woman) at some point in their life. Your feet get to be cleansed, exfoliated, and happy while you get lovely massages up to your calf. People underestimate the power of a good foot rub sometimes, it can lift your spirits (and even your back pain) whenever something is ailing you. Also, they don’t have to be uber expensive at a fancy spa either, there are some great places around town that can offer a pleasant experience leaving your tootsie feeling rejuvenated at low cost.

However, before work this morning I was watching the news on TV (yeah, how old school is that, I know) and an infomercial came on screen. Now, I’m actually a huge fan of the infomercial and no one can sell me something like that Ron Popeil, “just set it and forget it!” so I didn’t channel surf away. Luckily this one was brief, like the “Head On, apply directly to the forehead!” ads but it left me shaking my head and thinking… ick! Have a look below:

As seen on TV – PedEgg

I think my favourite part is when they empty all the shaved foot skin into the garbage pail as though they are paper clippings from a hole punch. I know “do it yourself” is really big right now, and sure, maybe the product even works, but PedEgg just leaves me with the sort of “no” feeling that only comes from watching a product slice off your dead skin sells followed a demo of it zesting an orange.

You can view a review on this news channel, although warning: diabetics are not supposed to use this product.

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  1. colleenFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 2:33pm PDT

    !!! it’s like a grater! for your FEET! EWW! I had to call Brent over to get him to look at it too. yuck yuck yuck.

  2. RobCottinghamFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 3:50pm PDT

    Weird timing! I got spammed by them just yesterday.

    Now if only there was a SpamEgg that I could brush on top of my email inbox…

  3. Kerry AnneFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 4:51pm PDT

    Yuck! But, I bet it can remove pilling from sweaters in a pinch.

  4. Tyler IngramFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 7:14pm PDT

    Ok so if Mum, dad and Sis can use it.. why couldn’t I? lol are young males not allowed to? Or are we not secure enough with out masculinity to use the PedEgg?

  5. JennyFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 8:44pm PDT

    Gross !

  6. CharleneFriday, May 2nd, 2008 — 11:54pm PDT

    Pure Nail bar has many locations and is not too expensive. i like to go to the one at Denman & Nelson. You can get a mani and pedi for $50. After the 6th mani or pedi the next one is free.

    The Pedegg is gross! Salons used to shave the skin off your feet until regulations came into effect a couple of years ago making it illegal. If the equipment has not been sterilized properly you are open to infection never mind having the botton of your foot accidentally cut. I don’t care about a manicure for my finger nails so much as they are in and out of water so much and nail polish wears off so easily. I do like my feet to look decent though regardless of the time of year and like to treat myself to a french pedi every couple of months. They last way longer then the bright colors and look very polished.

  7. Rastin MehrSunday, May 4th, 2008 — 10:17pm PDT

    Gee! that would be a good supply for those who keep dust mites as pets!

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