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DrupalCamp Vancouver Wrap Up

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 — 5:46pm PDT
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DrupalCamp Vancouver Day TwoDue to family business this morning (which always comes before the blogging world) I had to miss about 85% of DrupalCamp Vancouver.

The good news is that John was here all day and the first words out of his mouth when he saw me were, “whoa! there’s some really cool theming going on.” This leads me to believe he’ll have much better wrap up posts than I will so I’ll simply syndicate some information and pics.

  • Big thanks to the folks at So.Cial for the delicious sandwiches at lunch (x126)
  • DaveO worked very hard to supply Drupalists with cozy, organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts for DCV08 and I must say, they are super comfy.
  • All photos here are © Roland Tanglao, click on the pics for their links on Flickr.

    Information from the sessions can be found on the DrupalCamp Vancouver website and I’ll try to get a couple posts out of John as well.

    Current contests on


    1. Raul says:

      DaveO is my hero, and you have (as always) done a very fine job of wrapping up DrupalCamp (#dcv08)

    2. What exactly was the agenda at DrupalCamp Vancouver?

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    6. Ariane says:

      Thanks for the blog-love Rebecca! Sorry you had to miss so much of it!

    7. DaveO says:

      Always fun to geek out and chillax with ya Miss 604 whether the event is a green expo, geek fest or nacho and beers.

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