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Convergence 2008 Digital Marketing and Communications Forum

Thursday, May 8th, 2008 — 5:40am PDT
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Just as soon as my social media dance card cleared up, I’ve been busy booking new events, getting involved in more media sponsorships and being sought out for speaking opportunities. My next speaking engagement will be on a panel at the end of the month during the Convergence conference.

Cossette West invites you to attend Convergence 2008, a Digital Marketing and Communications Forum. Join other savvy marketing and communications professionals from across North America to learn how to stay competitive in the ever-shifting digital landscape. [Convergence2008]

I’ve been on a few panels before (and moderated one) and I have to say the talented people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with just make it that much more exciting, informative, and entertaining.

This time is no different and I’m almost about to go into Wayne and Garth “I’m not worthy” mode seeing as how I’ll have Kate Trgovac on one side of my, and Darren Barefoot on the other.

I haven’t had much time to interact personally with Kate but she was with me on the victorious Team Blogger for CBC’s Test the Nation, she presented at the Northern Voice dinner, and most recently I saw her on a panel at Bridging Media.

Darren on the other hand is half of the world-traveling Capulet Communications marketing power duo who recently hooked John and I up with a Brother Printer and as a result, our faces were printed in the Wall Street Journal. Capulet is also responsible for the super handy “Getting to First Base: Social Media Marketing Playbook”, which is an e-book for purchase at

Photo credit: Robert Scales on Flickr

Our panel will be moderated by Darren Roberts of Optimum Public Relations and we’ll be discussing blogger relations:

Influencers have grown beyond just traditional media outlets to include bloggers, who reign in the online space and who can drastically affect perceptions about your brand, your campaigns and/or any other aspect of your company operations. Are you listening? If so, are you talking back? In the very least, you should be working to tell your side of the story; at best, maximizing your message impact among these powerful individuals.

Given my recent tussle with Matchstick and other experiences over the years, I think all of us will be able to bring something from a blogger’s perspective and also from the professional landscape.

Convergence 2008 is taking place on Granville Island at the Arts Club Theatre on May 22nd from 9:30am until 5:00pm. More info is available on the website and you can check out the Techvibes as well for a preview.


  1. Kate Trgovac says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca! I’m really looking forward to this panel. I was super-impressed by the one you put together for NV this year – hopefully we’ll get to spend some time chatting.

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    Thanks for the shout out, see you on the 22nd!

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  5. Hez says:

    Looking forward to meeting you, Rebecca! If not at that session, then at some other shmoozy business this week.

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