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Army and Navy Shoe Sale Preview and Interview

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 — 10:00am PDT
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After my preview post for tomorrow’s shoe sale I got in touch with the company and was fortunate enough to interview Tania Berrios who is the Jr. Buyer for the Shoe Department at Army and Navy.

How long has the Army & Navy Shoe Sale been around?
The Shoe Sale has been going on now for over 50 years!

What styles/brands can we look forward to on Wednesday?
This year we have incredible designer names such as; Oscar de La Renta, Richard Tyler, Bill Blass, Naughty Monkey, House of Dereon (Beyonce), Baby Phat, Bronx and Steve Madden. That is just a few names.

New Stevies in Prep for Tomorrow....

How does Army & Navy manage to drop the prices so low on such great designer products?
A&N has been in business since 1919, which has led us to create a great personal relationship with our suppliers.

How successful is the shoe sale for the company?
Our Shoe Sale is extremely successful. It is the biggest event in the lower mainland. During the 12 days of the sale of last year, A&N sold 78,000 pairs.

Is it the biggest event of the year for the stores?

Is there a maximum number of items one can purchase during the first day rush?
Not at all…you can purchase as much as you desire! Absolutely no limit, this is our day to splurge on ourselves! J

The sale runs for almost two weeks, how much merchandise is left after the initial rush the first morning?
We have over 100,000 pairs in stock so there are still plenty of great styles.

Does the Shoe Sale take place in every location in BC and Alberta?
Yes, we have our downtown Vancouver, New Westminster, Langley and 3 in Alberta.

Does it get as crazy at the other locations as it does in downtown Vancouver on opening day?
Yes, especially on the opening day!!

Does the store layout need to change at all in preparation for the rush?
We definitely have to rearrange the racks and add extra racks as well as add more tables, cashiers and bigger signage.

In that last questions I was fishing for some inside tips ie. size 8’s will be located to the right so I know where to scurry on Wednesday morning hehe. Which leads into my last question…

Do you have any tips Shoe Sale for first timers?
I would definitely recommend for everyone to wear flip flops! That way you just slip them off and try on a new pair. Because the sale is so popular, it gets very full, so wearing something light and comfortable is ideal. Another great tip is to grab a basket or the complimentary A&N shopping bag, fill it with all the shoes you like, and grab yourself an empty corner to try your shoes on. That way you don’t have people grabbing from your stash…yes the competition is fierce. For those shoppers who aren’t able to make it right at 8am, don’t worry we stock up the shelves all day, and especially for the lunch and after work rush. Once you have picked out your fantastic pairs of shoes, you are able to purchase them at any till in the store.

Thanks to Tania for taking the time to do this interview. I’ll report back regarding my commercial success (and Keira’s) tomorrow morning…. after we recover from the 6am start.

UPDATE: Want to know how Keira and I did with our shoe extravaganza? The pictures say it all:

Army and Navy Shoe Sale

Keira’s Score – Photo credit: Keira on Flickr

Rejected Shoes *sigh*

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  1. Raul says:

    As a shoe specialist, I should also recommend that you should try to bring something to “cool off” your feet (i.e. maybe a small towel to apply semi-cold water). The more shoes you try to fit, the more swollen your feet can get. Thus, you need to apply something soothing. Talk to me on Twitter/GMail chat or in person tonight for more pointers ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I have worked in the shoe industry.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good luck tomorrow, ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. phaedra says:

    can’t wait to see your shoe scores…maybe you can wear a pair out on Friday!

  4. Trisch says:

    I hit the New West location this morning at about 9 so the lineups were gone by then but it was still pretty hectic.

  5. […] how I did at the Army and Navy Shoe Sale? Check my preview post for an update and photos of the madness… and […]

  6. […] This year’s sale will take place on April 16th and you might just happen to find Keira-Anne and I camped out with hot coffees in hand in the wee hours of the morning, feel free to join us… just as long as we don’t share the same shoe size. Update: SUCCESS! Read this post for the photos. […]

  7. nalei says:

    My feet seem to settle as a size 7 the third week in April as if they are in anticipation of the annual sale. My toes and A&N seem to have an unspoken bond which I can only serve to connect once a year… And I would be lying if I felt like this was anything but the greatest relationship I have ever witnessed. BTW- your Patent Maddens were hot hot heat last night, miss604! Hot.

  8. colleen says:

    those green peep toes are GORGEOUS! going tomorrow. I’ll be at Epic for a bit, but the siren song of gorgeous shoes calls…

  9. Melanie Kilgour says:

    Oh what I wouldn’t give to find a pair of size 9 “Jasmin” wedgies with the paper flower on the toe!!! There were all sorts of color combos — pink on orange, blue on green, green on blue (which I bought) — but I would give my eye teeth to find the black on pink! Ladies? Anyone? Care to part with theirs??? I’ll pay double! Write to!!!!

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