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Miss604 Poll: The Travel Mug Issue

Comments 19 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Aside from Raul, who is finishing up his doctorate in environmental studies, and DaveO who works for happyfrog and was there at Clayoquot, I’d have to say Keira’s one of my most eco-conscious friends. A few weeks ago she wrote a blog post inspired by words printed on the side of a Starbucks cup. As […]

Happy 8th Birthday Alexis

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Since my niece walked up to me a few months ago and said, “Miss604 dot com!” I figure she may be watching today (and that I need to remember to keep things pretty clean around here). She is the oldest sister of 4 brothers, and was my Oma’s first great-grandchild, my mother and father’s first […]

Head Over Heels for Salt Spring Island

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Outside the rain is coming in sideway off the harbour, but it only ads to the ambiance. Fresh cut flowers on the table, and fireplace ablaze, I’m sipping my mocha and typing out a blog post with my legs draped over the sides of this armchair that I wish would just swallow me whole. Last […]

Vancouver History: Random History Bites

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This morning’s dose of random history bites is courtesy of In 1988: Point Roberts, the little tip of Washington State that’s accessible by land only through BC, finally got its own US-based telephone service. B.C. Tel had been serving the area up until this year. In 1958: Under construction, the Second Narrows Bridge collapsed […]

Back in a matter of Whiles

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This afternoon as I was skipping across a street in Surrey something popped off my bag and bounced to the ground with a metallic *tick*. No cars were coming so I turned about and noticed it was my Surrey button that had unhooked itself and leapt from its perch next to the others. As much […]