Canadian Heritage Minutes

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“The Medium is the Message”, coined by Marshall McLuhan was a question tonight as we played Trivial Pursuit 80s edition with the Carlsons. It sparked a brief discussion about Canadian Heritage Minutes that used to play during commercial breaks when we were in high school, as there was a feature on McLuhan. A friend of mine had the one about Emily Murphy down to a tee so I rattled off a few lines from memory, which immediately took me back to the hallways of West Whalley High.

Of course I knew when I got home I would be able to do a YouTube search and find them all, but they’re also listed (and searchable) on the Heritage Minute website. Here are a few gems you might remember from growing up with Canadian television in the 90’s.

Power to the Women

Adam’s favourite

And who could forget those lovable orphans

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  1. Paolo GasparMonday, February 18th, 2008 — 2:49am PST

    I’ve always loved watching those little clips as I was growing up. The guy playing Mr. Marconi always looked like he had a stick in his ass when he said something. I also liked the one that showed the couple in New Foundland (?) that discovered viking sites. Thanks for the post!

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