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Skater GirlAs a proud Canadian girl I was overwhelmed when I received new ice skates this Christmas. Truth be told, I’ve never owned a pair of my own before and these are pretty spectacular. Within 24 hours of receiving them I was getting them sharpened at the West End Community Centre and stepping on the ice. With the blades still warm, I was gliding over the blue line as smooth as butter while trying to catch up to John who kept taking off on me every time I paused to practice my “hockey stop”.

For under $20 today John and I were able to get him a rental, pay for the both of us to skate, and get my new blades sharpened. If that isn’t a good enough deal for you, the West End Community Centre ice rink was actually open on Christmas Day for a FREE family skate, and they’re doing it again on December 29th. I’ll definitely be practicing my ice girl moves a lot more this season.

  • Vancouver Parks Board Ice Rinks
  • West End Community Centre Holiday Schedule (pdf)
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    Canucks Ice Girl Prospect (08-09 Season)


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    1. DarrenThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 1:44am PST

      That’s where Julie taught figure skating in recent years. It’s a cool little rink–three-quarters of regulation size.

    2. Keira-AnneThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 1:51am PST

      Can we got skating together when I’m back in Vancouver? Pretty please?

    3. Keira-AnneThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 1:51am PST

      Doh! I mean go skating. Er, not got skating.

    4. Tyler IngramThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 7:37am PST

      Burnaby’s 8 Rinks was having a Winter Fest Skate event. Happening until the end of December. They’ve set up a christmas sort of village with life trees and christmas music to skate to.

      I wasnt able to go but I did manage to go skating with a friend over at Planet Ice in Coquitlam. It was fun, I want to do it more often.

    5. DTKThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 4:15pm PST

      I love my little 3/4 ice rink too. It’s around the corner from my house outside of Chicago and we are there 5 times a week for somebody’s hockey pcatice or figure skating lessons.

      Reading Dave Bidini’s “Best Game You Can Name” and have been wishing I was Canadian. With my Blackhawks winning though….

      Anyway, finding your blog was a nice accident. I love that the Google ads tucked in a the bottom of the comments are for Backyard Rink kits and Find Your Local Rink!

    6. Miss604Thursday, December 27th, 2007 — 5:54pm PST

      Check out Bidini’s Tropic of Hockey as well, it’s awesome 🙂

    7. DTKThursday, December 27th, 2007 — 11:22pm PST

      Thanks. The teammate who leant me this one was also waxing poetic about Tropic of Hockey. It is now on my must-read list. Also need to find an album from the Lowest of the Low and the Rheostatics. I’ll have to ask my neighbors from Toronto – we already share a love for The Hip.

    8. GZ ExpatSaturday, December 29th, 2007 — 7:28pm PST

      Been to the rink in Hong Kong that Bidini talks about in his book ‘Tropic of Hockey’.

      Hockey skates! Atta Girl…none of those lousy toe-picks for you!

    9. fotoeinsSunday, December 30th, 2007 — 6:27am PST

      Re. GZ Expat. I’ve heard of a number of rinks in HKG, but would the rink Bidini mentions happen to be the one in Tai Koo Shing? One of my brother-in-law’s friends travels frequently between HKG and YVR, and keeps a full-set of hockey equipment in both cities. Dude!

      Re. Beck and her new skates : Beck, please be the posting of you in action with your new skates. 😉

    10. TylerSunday, December 30th, 2007 — 9:30am PST

      What a coinkydink…my wife bought me a new set of skates this year to replace my 15yr old Bauers.
      I never thought i’d be a convert to the thermoform stuff they make em out of nowadays, but I just love em!
      Of course, the year I get new skates is the year I get roped into playing goaltender for a rec league team midseason and get hired on as a coach for a sled hockey team, so they haven’t seen a whole lot of action yet.

    11. GZ ExpatSunday, December 30th, 2007 — 11:02pm PST

      The Dragon Centre rink is located in Sham Shui Po…on the 8th floor with a roller coaster that runs over and through it…literally, you can lift your hand up and touch the rails when skating. Scary.

      The Tai Koo Shing rink is located in Cityplaza. I took the kids there a couple years ago at Christmas time to visit the nativity displays and skate. Never skated with so many people before…whew.

      The newest rink in HK is located in Megabox…it is the only proper sized (North American) rink in the city. Located about 3 blocks from the Kowloon Bay MTR station…it’s kind of a hike if you are carrying your equipment bag.

    12. Morgan ParkerThursday, May 20th, 2010 — 8:07pm PDT

      i love to Figure Skate, and this has been my favorite sport ever since i was a kid..,:

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