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All Kinds of Amazing: Happy Birthday Keira

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 — 12:48am PDT
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In August of 2006 John and I walked into an apartment building for an event. We spotted a blond girl in the lobby that I suspected we were supposed to “check in” with but we just avoided entirely by bee-lining it to the elevators. A few months later that same blond girl walked into our lives once again but it was hard to ignore her.

Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr

This time she came bearing chocolate ganache torte surrounded by ladyfingers accompanied with a raspberry coolie that she made from scratch. I knew this must be someone special.

It wasn’t until almost a year after I first ran into Keira that we actually started to hang out. She likes long walks in the park, I like long walks in the park. She likes taking puppies to the beach and running around in a bikini, I like taking puppies to the beach and running around in a bikini. She likes taking a plethora of photos of herself and well, I just think that’s totally narcissistic, honestly.

okay that's enough puppy
Me, Keira

Amy, Me, Keira – Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr

Okay, I’m kidding, but you may be able to see a pattern here. I’m pretty glad that we’ve become friends and that we can be brutally honest with each other while also being supportive – especially after too much red wine.

I take great shots of this girl – thanks to Duane for the camera usage

Aside from being truly humble, Keira’s got a big heart, imaginative spirit, and such enthusiasm about even the simplest of delights. She cares about others unconditionally and will not hesitate to agree with you if you just want to “skip dinner and have ice cream instead.” She’s a beautiful and genuine friend, daughter, sister, and table dancer and I wish her the best of birthdays. So on this “rockstar” birthday, Keira I truly hope you realize that I think you are all kinds of amazing.


  1. Meg says:

    It’s the photogenic thing. How could you NOT be friends? 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    Is she taken?

  3. Jordan says:

    I sense a bit of a girl crush. that’s hawt.

  4. Keira-Anne says:

    Is this where I start to cry? I am very lucky indeed to have met you, Becky. I can’t wait for more amazing times together in the future and, of course, a plethora of narcissistic pictures to document us along the way…

  5. mom604 says:

    Happy Birthday, Keira-Anne. Have a terrific snow-day. You deserve the best!

  6. J.J. says:

    Happy birthday! I hope Charlie gave you some big, sloppy, wet kisses this morning.

  7. Happy Birthday Keira! Um, something about DQ cakes, I think I wrote on your blog. Anyways, have a great snow day (what’s left of the snow) and I hope you get to visit Charlie and your mom again soon.

  8. Tyler Ingram says:

    Wow you do take a great picture! lol happy Bday Keira. It’s awesome to have such a good friend eh?

  9. fotoeins says:

    Happy birthday wishes from the eastern side of the Atlantic. Another cup of Glühwein will be tipped (slightly) westwards in the general celebration of the presence of friends.

  10. Adelaide says:

    I’m going to be superficial and say that I’m totally jealous of Keira’s legs!!!

  11. GZ Expat says:

    I’m late…as usual…Happy Birthday. My only question is, are you the REAL Keira, or the MySpace virtual version?? One never knows, these days.

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