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Miss604 Poll: New Years Eve in Vancouver

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I’ve heard from some people that actual New Yorkers don’t ever venture into Times Square, that it’s more of a touristy thing. Regardless, this year they have the usual party in the street, a new LED ball, interactive messages that you can text to the big screens above, and you can even go to this […]

Mandatory Year in Review 2007

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What a year it’s been for John, me, and the other element in our relationship, Here are a couple items of note for 2007, including my most popular Flickr photos of 2007: Stats: My monthly readership grew 410% from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007. Number of Posts in 2007: 882 (including this […]

WTS – What the Surrey #18: Surrey Reuses

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John and I once purchased an Ikea table for $10 off Craigslist. Without having a car we made sure it was ready for pickup within close proximity to our house. We walked about 4 blocks, checked it out, then carted it home – only one lamppost was harmed during this exercise, but it was worth […]

A Vancouver Girl's Guide to the iPhone

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I realize that most of the tips and tricks I include in this new series (categorized under: iPhone) will be useful to both men AND women but they’ll certainly have my own spin. Here’s a current list of apps I’ve installed using Installer that have made life easier (remember, I’ve only had the thing for […]

Don't Forget about the River Rock in Richmond

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I’ve been to the River Rock only once since it’s been a casino, but several times when its tower was a clock for the Riverport Market, which was not dissimilar to the Lonsdale Quay. Photo credit: Richard Eriksson on Flickr It was for my birthday and we gambled, had drinks, and scarfed down mounds of […]