Christmas in Vancouver: The Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007 — 5:00am PDT
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Now that the Grouse Grind is closed for the season, you can head up North Vancouver’s natural lookout for ice skating and more festive activities.

Photo credit: Richard Eriksson on Flickr

Enjoy Christmas carols, movies, sleigh rides, learn about Santa’s reindeer and get your pic taken with the man himself, all in a beautiful snow-dusted evergreen setting.

What: Grouse Mountain – The Peak of Christmas
Where: Grouse Mountain
How Much: The cost of a lift ticket, varying by age (from free to $39)
More Info: Check the schedule for exact times for each event.

There is also ‘Breakfast with Santa’ from December 15-24, 9am to 11am, call in advance for tickets.

I must admit, I’ve never ever been up Grouse, not even for the grind or the sky ride, so I’m hoping to change that at some point this year. However due to family interests I think I’ll do most of my boarding at Seymour this year, which will include teaching John how to become a knuckle dragger.

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  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    I’ve been to grouse only once and that was enough for me. I was taken up on my birthday (Dec27) and it was like $60 for me and the ex to get up via the Gondola (it was ok but cloudy at the top).

    There wasn’t much to do if you’re not skiing/snowboarding. The ice rink at the top was too busy. The sleigh ride would of be meh. The gift shop is nice with a view over Vancouver (except it was snowing so you couldn’t see more than 10 feet away).

    There are plans to put a hotel up on the mountain. The company I work for also has some equipment up there for wireless internet access.

    If I skiied or snowboard it would of been better ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps this year (like all other years) I’ll take up snowboarding again! lol

  2. Raul says:

    I did the Grouse Grind out of sheer will, and honestly I did enjoy it. Now that I am slimmer and fitter, I think I could do it faster and better, but it’s worth going even just for the fun of it.

    I don’t ski or snowboard. I refuse to engage in any sport that will leave my body bruised.

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