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The Crazy Canucks – Episode #43 AND #44

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 — 5:00pm PDT
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Alanah goes solo for Episode #43 of The Crazy Canucks Podcast. She interviews Matt and Andy who responsible for the Battle of Alberta blog as we get to know a little more about the ups and downs of being a Flames or Oilers fan.

You wouldn’t think that a Flames and Oilers fan could get along on one blog, but this interview shows that these guys love to talk hockey. Plus, you ever wonder what die hard fans of the Albertan teams think about the Canucks? Alanah digs deep to find out. [TCC- 43]

Visit the TCC website to check out the rest of the show notes, to subscribe, or listen to the audio.

Update: John, our magical producer has just published Episode #44 as well where Alanah continues her “interviews with bloggers of Northwest teams”.

In this episode, she grabbed a couple of her favorite Avs fan bloggers, Greg from “Hockey Rants” and Tapeleg of “Jerseys and Hockey Love”. Together, they take a look at the team as whole, looking back into the past and what they expect from the coming season. Oh, and you can’t forget some good ol’ trash talkin’. [TCC – 44]

As always, check the website for show notes, more links, to subscribe and to listen.

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  1. bz says:

    ummmm .. another show and no guest cohost invite? ummmm….

  2. Miss604 says:

    Alanah’s a wild woman – she’s got us covered for the next few episodes 🙂 patience….

  3. Tapeleg says:

    Alanah would have felt bad about ganging up on Greg and I.

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