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Stanley Park Update

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last week, a tree that John and I have passed many time on the Third Beach Trail was toppled by Mother Nature. …Staff report that likely the heavy rains on Sunday morning weakened the root mass, and the severe easterly winds that followed later in the day were the cause of the demise of the […]

Strombo Coming to CFOX

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Is there politically, socially and culturally aware a female in Canada between the ages of 16 and 36 that doesn’t love this guy? Former MuchMusic VJ, and current host of the award-winning show, The Hour on CBC, George Stroumboulopoulos is coming to Vancouver airwaves starting next week. Kicking off November 4th, between the hours of […]

UGM, World Series, Hockey, Swag and Bloggers

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

What a long weekend and yet I still don’t have much of a voice due to gitis of the larynx that has plagued me over the last week. Since we’re uber tired and I promise to have many quality posts up for the rest of the week, this entry just purely warrants a photo montage.

Friday Morning Link Fest – Not Quite Halloween

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I promise, no more link roundups for a while as soon as I kick this illness that has taken over half of Vancouver. In my case, it feels eerily familiar to the laryngitis I had in ’06, topped off with a cold and some hard-to-breathe-ness. I’m heading to the doc to make sure it isn’t […]