Miss604 Poll: Would Skytrain Radio Fly?

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I enjoy comparing our region’s transit options to other cities’ when it comes to fares and donuts in their stations. More than half the time I’m using the other systems as examples of what we should be doing but I think the latest developments in Boston have stopped me in my tracks.

The MBTA has launched T-Radio, which will play a mix of news, weather and entertainment for riders waiting for trains. The pilot program is playing at North Station, South Station and the airport station. If it’s popular enough, the T will expand it and add commercials. [Boston.com][via Boston Metblogs]

Yikes. Even though the MBTA has an efficient system, an award-winning website, and delicious baked goods in their stations I’m still not sure I could endorse a T-Radio-like system for the Skytrain.

Sure, the people of Vancouver love to be informed and up to date on the latest happenings and traffic info in the city, hence the popularity of AM730, but I’ve seen the dirty looks. Glaring daggers at those playing their ipod music cranked up to 11, blasting through their ear buds, or at the chick in the corner talking at full volume on her cell phones. People like quiet, undisturbed commutes – just get in and get out.

Photo credit: squarewithin on Flickr

This is reasonable enough, so I won’t jump to the conclusion that Boston commuters are welcoming this idea with open… ears… either.

Tonight at 7:30, after my 11 hour day at work, I walk into the train station in a grouchy mood and I hear blasting at me from all directions: the Counting Crows. I look around for someone with a huge boom box, I see no one meeting that description, just a man staring suspicious at an empty plastic bag left on the platform.

Then I hear the announcement: This is T Radio! And now for some news on the lighter side. The bubble above my head says: T Radio? Oh no. What is this “News on the lighter side”, you ask? Well, I learned there is a guy attempting to break the record for longest leg hair. He’s got it up to several inches, but he wants people to know it’s only 1 hair – he’s no ape man. I feel my mouth opening and head tilting to the side as I stare at the ceiling in disbelief…

…I realized it’s ad revenue for the T (at least I hope it is). Perhaps they can use that money to get their act together. [Living Reflections From a Dream]

84% of readers who answered my last poll thought it would be a good idea to have kiosks in Skytrain stations that sell coffee. So how about taking it a step further in making your train experience even more like driving into work in the privacy of your own vehicle… with a hot beverage, some swanky tunes and news updates. Only thing is, you’d be sharing that experience with the other 50 people pressed up against you on a packed Westbound train car.


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  1. Greg AndrewsWednesday, October 31st, 2007 — 11:27am PDT

    Any Skytrain radio would continue to be overrode by “Greg’s iPod Radio”.

  2. Mort-yWednesday, October 31st, 2007 — 12:38pm PDT

    Sometimes I’d like to listen to anything but the inane chatter that goes on. Passengers ranting and raving about thier personal lives so that all the world can hear, whether it be to a fellow passenger or on their cells.

  3. TrevorWednesday, October 31st, 2007 — 12:50pm PDT

    Hooray! More places to hear the Top-40 crap that the Music Industry’s churning out! Honestly, I can’t imagine a better way to cheer me up than hearing “Gimme More” before I go to work.

    Ugh. No thanks. Silence, in this case, is quite golden.

  4. EvaThursday, November 1st, 2007 — 3:23pm PDT

    Apparently, the MBTA nixed the radio idea recently.

    Here in Montreal, the metro has these electronic signs on the metro. It provides recent news headlines, the weather and some ads. At least this is less intrusive.

    Personally, if I wanted to listen to music, I just plug into my iPod.

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