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Future Shop HDTV Debate – Live Blog

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

11:25am – Welcome to the live blog! Dave and I just took the bus over from downtown to attend the event that I just blogged about at Future Shop on Broadway. Despite *almost* being haggled by security until we said the magic words “blogger” and “Barefoot” we signed our little waivers about our images appearing […]

The Future of HDTV and a Busy Me

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Today I will be running all over Vancouver, in 3 inch heels with a Macbook. The reason being, there are several events I would like to cover and I just hope there’s enough time to catch them all. The Future Shop and HDTV event is up first this morning at 11:30am at Future Shop on […]

Urbanspoon, Vancouver's New Food Authority

Comments 8 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I was passed along a link recently (via for Urbanspoon, a massive website network of restaurants and food reviews from around the world. Urbanspoon is the world’s leading provider of time-critical dining data, a major division of a very important multi-national corporation, and an all-around BIG PLAYER in the multi-billion dollar restaurant information industry. […]

Miss604 Poll: Canucks Ticket Prices

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It doesn’t look as though going to a Canucks game will make my “Cheap Fun” or “Cheap Things to Do” list anytime soon. At the beginning of the pre-season Canucks blogger (and podcast co-host) J.J. took a look at the price leap for tickets. The Vancouver Canucks posted their single-game ticket prices on their website […]

The Fabulous Commodore Ballroom

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Update 2011: Billboard has named The Commodore Ballroom one of the Top 10 Most Influential Clubs in North America. Last night we went to see They Might be Giants at the Commodore to round out John‘s Birthday-week celebrations. It was a really great evening and the atmosphere was so relaxed, whimsical and pleasant with TMBG’s […]