Vegas Weekend Phase 5: Home at Last

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

My ride home... Last night John traveled to the USA for the first time since 2005 to pick me up from the Bellingham Airport. With PR card in hand he had no troubles making the border crossing and met me inside the terminal with, “you’re right this is a small airport, Cedar Rapids, Iowa is even bigger than this.” I have to say it was a pleasure to end my journey in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from the evening at Matt’s I ran into nothing but rude people full of attitude who were always looking at you, and speaking to you as though you were out to get them. I guess this is why I don’t go to Vegas often.

2nd beach day of the year Today we had our second official beach day of the year. I took it easy and applied 15 sunscreen, although I’m not showing much colour now for being out in the sun for 2 hours earlier in the day. I do however have one spot on my ankle that I must have missed when applying the lotion because it’s beet red.

Sitting at home now and chatting with Keira, about to enjoy some lovely Belgian beer (complete with sediment) John and I can finally sit back and relax for the first time this weekend.

We’re now moving out to the balcony (and bringing my laptop so I can publish this post). Someone a couple floors above just dumped some water (I hope it was water) off their balcony and just barely missed us sitting here… sheesh.

I really need to get to that sediment beer so I’ll polish off this post with a You Tube clip of a commercial I caught on TV shortly after my Muffin Top post last month.

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  1. JohnSunday, July 1st, 2007 — 8:59pm PDT

    Would that Belgian beer be Hoegaarden (cue Homer drooling sound)?

  2. GZ ExpatSunday, July 1st, 2007 — 9:34pm PDT

    I’m so glad you have reminded me why we are heading to Europe for our summer holiday, instead of the USA.

    I ran into nothing but rude people full of attitude who were always looking at you, and speaking to you as though you were out to get them.

    Yeah…its nice to have a choice in where we go, so I am not bragging here…but I get so fed up with the typical narrow-minded American tourist. This, coming from a flag waving, right wing, libertarian too.

    The comment you made is all too familiar out here. Despite my not wanting to believe in stereotypes and all that…it is SO easy to spot the American in a crowd. My wife and I ply the game often…especially if we are travelling ourselves…SPOT THE AMERICAN! When you do find one, it jolts you to remember, ‘don’t act like that.’ Don’t be loud. Don’t talk to people that don’t want to be talked to. Don’t give your opinion about every aspect of what is around you. Don’t complain about the service…it only begets you worse service.

  3. DuaneSunday, July 1st, 2007 — 10:15pm PDT

    Yeah, I thought people on the street were rather rude.. However, in some cities like New York, you’ll find most people seem rather rude, just because the life is rather fast and busy. But stop any New Yorker and ask for help, and most of them time they’ll stop and give you a smile.

  4. fotoeinsSunday, July 1st, 2007 — 11:07pm PDT

    re. 2nd official beach day.

    Yes yes yes, but was the water (at least marginally) warm or worth dipping your feet?

  5. RebeccaSunday, July 1st, 2007 — 11:55pm PDT

    You don’t swim when you go to the beach in Vancouver… pfffft hehe. The last time I was in the ocean was last August and it was really chilly.

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