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Vancouver Blog Profile: Dave Olson

Saturday, July 28th, 2007 — 8:00pm PDT
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Dave is blogger, podcaster and grassroots media enthusiast who also has time for a day job. My fellow Surrey-ite has SO many projects on the go, I’ll make a list here and see if I can get them all.

  • Choogle on with Uncleweed, Podcast hi-jinks
  • Canucks Outsider, Hockey Podcast
  • Postcards from Gravelly Beach, Literature Podcast
  • Olympic Outsider, Winter Sports-Culture
  • Mountain Highway, Writer’s Notebook
  • Ephemeral Feasthouse, Miscellania & Notes
  • Urban Vancouver, BC Trips podcast
  • Yes, those are all his projects. He’s also a cohort on The Crazy Canucks podcast. Where he finds the time to produce all this content, I haven’t the foggiest but it certainly is good stuff.

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    1. Tina says:

      Glad to see you’re still going strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Miss604 says:

      Uh huh – still got a couple great post ideas, hoping I don’t fizzle out in a couple hours though :p

    3. Dave O says:

      Nice roundup! I have a big batch of Choogle ons almost ready to go … more out n’s abouts from recent trips to NYC and London plus finally producing the Clayoquot sound shows made during the Tofino water incident. I also am brewing up more vidcasts (featuring international transit trips) plus i’m blogging for Heads Magazine from time to time.

      PS Add to the list “fireworks photog’er” – i am just back from viewing Canada’s show from Dundarave and shuffling photos now. A few tasty bits will be posted shortly. Rock on with the blogfest!

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