Playland Throwback

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I was checking out Beyond Robson the other morning, and for some strange reason I decided to look at the rest of the site and not just Morning Brew. I came across a post about the best not-so-secret locations in the city to get cheeky with your sweetheart, in this edition they tackled Playland.

The Scrambler, The Enterprise, and The Wild Mouse are great choices, but there are many other options!… …While you’re on the rides (though you may not be able to kiss) you’ve always got your hands free! And after you get off, you can find a quiet spot behind the food and games stalls to get a little closer. [BeyondRobson]

Those are all great choices except the last suggestion because everyone knows that every hidden corner, flower box and bench at Playland reeks of vomit.

The note about the Wild Mouse got me thinking about how Playland used to be. We went last year for the first time in a while and it was quite different. So here are a couple things I miss about the Playland and the PNE.

  • The lumberjack competitions – nothing says outdoor summer fun like log rolling.
  • The HUGE relief map of BC – this was in the BC building which I think is now a mini-lake in the middle of the grounds. That building has awesome little stalls where a nerdy kid like me could get buttons, stickers, visit the stamp collectors’ tables, learn about BC, and watch mini boats race around mini pools.
  • The Big Gulp – this roller coaster was awesome, my brother and sister always went on it and I was always too short so I think I only got one season with it before it disappeared.
  • The buttons – I have PNE buttons dating back to 1980, they just don’t seem to hand them out anymore so my collection is incomplete, stopping at around 1998. “Come Fun With Us!” Ya know… I never really got that saying.
  • Day at the PNE So there are a few things I miss about Playland and the PNE, some things I could do without are all the video games and that march of overly happy tweens dancing around to a 1 minute song on loop that they call a parade.

    However, the kids still have fun, and I suppose that’s the purpose eh? My sister told me that the other day my nephew loved some of the rides so much, he just wouldn’t get off when they stopped. Luckily it was a slow evening so they allowed him to keep riding the boats and little cars to his heart’s content.

    We’ll see if Playland can do it for me this year, its saving grace being the old wooden roller coaster, the Enterprise, a couple of the new ‘flip you upside down and give you whiplash’ rides, and the pig races – hehe pig races!

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    1. Tyler IngramTuesday, July 10th, 2007 — 10:05am PDT

      I miss the Big Gulp, and the Gravitron (though its there every couple years).

      I personally hate the wooden rollercoaster only because I fly off my seat all the time. I like the corkscrew though. Wish there was more room for more coasters! Once I went to Knott’s Berry, Playland is like to small. Can’t wait till I can goto a 6-Flags!

      The Wooden Coaster is (or I think it is) the oldest wooden coaster in the world? If they made it so i didn’t fly out of my seat I would definitely like it more!

    2. RebeccaTuesday, July 10th, 2007 — 10:25am PDT

      Yeah, the metal bar across the lap leaves nice little bruises but uh… that’s all part of its “charm” :-p

    3. wynTuesday, July 10th, 2007 — 1:31pm PDT

      Wow. Lumberjacks… really? I think I saw my first ever lumberjack show at Canada Place for Canada Day. I think that show is highly unnecessary…. =S

    4. RebeccaTuesday, July 10th, 2007 — 2:31pm PDT

      Demolition Derby was fun too… Not too sure what they have now except I see ” Guinness World Record holder in card stacking” is on the bill. I wish they had corn dogs too….so gross but so part of the fair. I wish I was going to The Great Jones County Fair… *sigh*

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