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Alanah sent this over to me. I’ve seen a couple makeup transformations before, including the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty mini-movie but this one’s just fun AND it comes with an animated .gif!

It’s time for the big reveal for our unretouched cover-image contest, and, well, our winner is the July cover of Redbook, on which country singer Faith Hill (and, on a separate cover, her hubby Tim McGraw) appeared as beautiful and accessible-seeming as usual…[]

…[Here is] a point-by-point annotation (read: close-ups!) of just what Redbook editors/art directors found so abhorrent about an already-above-average 39-year-old country music star and mom to three that they had to retouch her into something more befitting the cover of Cosmopolitan. [Jezebel]

I find myself mesmerized by this, I keep looking at it… it won’t stop. She looks normal, then she looks plastic. Then she looks normal… no wonder women have issues with their body image. There’s no personal in-home ‘photoshop’ kit you can apply to your body in the morning before work. If there is, please let me know, but until then – things like this are just kinda wrong.

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  1. Hummingbird604Sunday, July 29th, 2007 — 4:28am PDT

    I see you’re still going strong. Keep up the good work! I am a little confused. The next would be our 46th post… ohhh my mathematical braincells just kicked in. We need to do 49 because the 46th is at 4:30am. Sorry, I had brain malfunction. 😀

  2. Miss604Sunday, July 29th, 2007 — 4:50am PDT

    I got confused earlier in the day when I was numbering my posts to fit in time slots hehe.

  3. homemom3Sunday, July 29th, 2007 — 5:34am PDT

    I liked the way she looked before the mag did her up fake.

  4. JaGMonday, July 30th, 2007 — 4:36pm PDT

    I like her better real.

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