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It’s an art; having your photo taken, that is. Many factors influence the outcome of a photo. The setting, the lighting, the pose, the colours, the photo subjects and any number of crucial camera settings. Every single person has both a “good side” and a “bad side” – even Lisa Turtle. For me, my left side is my good side. Miss 604’s is her right, so this works out exceptionally well when we take photos together. And believe me, that happens often.

Once one has learned their “good side” and how to capture it, the next hurdle to get over is the dreaded double chin. This frequent occurrence typically happens when candid photos are being snapped one after another and usually in group settings. Because of the candid factor, avoiding the double chin is next to impossible. However, like the “good side,” creating a self-awareness is the key to avoiding the majority of double chin moments. “Tilt your head, not your neck,” says Becky.

The double chin effect can manifest itself in full-body shots. In these instances, not only do you need to remain aware of the shape of your face, you’re also at a high risk for unnecessary muffin top or displaced weight. Not many walk around with perfect posture, and it’s simply too easy to just let it all hang out. Key No. 2: stand up straight! The best way to achieve this is in letting your stomach muscles, and not your spine, support the weight of your body.

All of this said, there is one crucial, evil, unrelenting ingredient that will always make or break a picture.


Last night’s Blogstock 2007 pre-festivities at Steamworks were a prime example. About an hour before our group paid the bill and left, I asked our server how many pitchers of Lion’s Gate Lager we’d ordered so that we could make an informed decision in deciding whether or not to order another pitcher. She told me “I think it’s at two.” We all shrugged and said “sure, bring us another.” The bill came an hour later and we’d actually ordered a total of six pitchers split between five people (Duane stuck to hard liquor). When you mix six pitchers with three ladies, you get copious amounts of photos that, when shown the next day, only produce embarrassment, head shakes and an “oh god.”

keira_posing-large-msg-118565467218.jpgFriends don’t let friends drink and snap.Sexxy

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