Deciding to do Blogathon 2007

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Last year I followed Alanah and Yvonne‘s blogathon posts for just a few of their 24 hours of madness. This year, I think I’ll take a swing at it myself and see if I can go the distance.

The goal of blogathon is to blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours (this year being July 28th). The most validating part of the concept is to get people to sponsor your marathon of bloggery. Each blogathon site will have a donate/sponsor button and a charity of choice selected. As you read and enjoy the plethora of content hopefully you will be inspired to donate. Last year I donated to Canuck Place and received a tax receipt along with warm fuzzies. The blogger never processes your money or sees your transaction, it all goes directly through the charity.

This year I’ll be blogging from 6:00 am Saturday July 28th until 6:00 am Sunday July 29th. I will be awake (because that’s a part of the challenge) and fully interactive with commenters and sponsors. My charity will be the Surrey Food Bank, and I’ll put up a nice little badge and link when the fun begins. Until then, stay tuned, the post category will be ‘blogathon’. Who knows how silly things will get at 4:00 am Sunday morning with me running on no sleep, tethered to my laptop.

Update: Click on the banner above to sponsor me, this means money will NOT go to me at all, it will simply direct you to the Surrey Food Bank donation page. You do need to log into the Blogathon site/create a log in first so that they can track how many donations I have generated but Blogathon does NOT collect your payment information they will simply direct you to the charity’s website to donate.

For more info try this brief recap of the event, and view other Blogathon participants here. You can click on the banner in this post or the new sidebar badge I have on the top right of this site.

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  1. YvonneMonday, July 23rd, 2007 — 3:31pm PDT

    Best of luck on the Blogathon! I won’t be participating as a blogger this time, but I’ll definitely be on the hunt for a great blog or two to sponsor. Despite all my unfortunate ISP issues in 2006, I would have done it again this year if I didn’t already have previous commitments (sp?) this weekend. Two fun hints for staying awake: Caffeine and great music!

  2. wynMonday, July 23rd, 2007 — 5:23pm PDT

    I get the impression that even the 24-hour relay allows you to sleep… I could be wrong. 24 hours for a cause is fantastic! Does that mean by default that John will be up 24 hours, too? =P Yay for having a big chunk of feeds on usually dead weekend days!

  3. alanahMonday, July 23rd, 2007 — 11:37pm PDT

    Good luck! That’s great — I promise to check in and see how it’s going.

    And no, there’s no chance of sleep, Wyn. With the rules last year anyway, I had to put a post up every 30 minutes for 24 hours. So unless she can do some quick catnaps, poor Miss604 is going to have to suffer through it… But that’s okay, she’s young! 🙂

  4. pelfTuesday, July 24th, 2007 — 2:30am PDT

    I’d be blogathoning too, for the second year (but it’s my first going solo). And I wish you’ll get lots of pledges, OK? 🙂

  5. Miss604Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 — 7:57am PDT

    Thanks everyone! I’m going to direct people to your “Blogathon in a Nutshell” page, pelf cause it sums it all up pretty well 🙂

  6. isabella moriWednesday, July 25th, 2007 — 4:33pm PDT

    what a great idea! wish i’d known of that earlier, would have participated for sure. can more than one person post, by any chance? or would that be considered cheating?

  7. Miss604Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 — 4:49pm PDT

    On one blog, more than one person can post (e.g. like in a group blog people can work in shifts etc) as long as the cause is the same and it’s all going on in real-time.

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