Canucks Outsider Live for Game 4

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He’s at it again! DaveO takes his Canucks Outsider podcast live and streaming again for tonight’s game.

TODAY May 1, 2007 from 7:15p.m. Pacific until the end of the game for a live Canucks Outsider Videocast during Game 4 of the Canucks / Anahem Ducks series!

During the video cast we’d love to hear from you as follows:

* IRC: #canucks-outsider on

* ustream chat: (requires Java)

* skype to northvandave

John and I will be present tonight so log on to the live chat and stream to interact with us while we all cheer on our Canucks.

*Update: The stream went well, too bad the game didn’t end in our favour. Dan Lilly actually caught some of the excitement at GM Place before the puck dropped – ahhh less desperate times… we’ll get’em in game 5 though right?…. Right?

A few of my photos from the live stream tonight are up on my Flickr.

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  1. daveoTuesday, May 1st, 2007 — 2:52pm PDT

    Looking forward to having you over! I have a new jacket for today (not quite as loud but just as stylish).

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