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Saturday, April 28th, 2007 — 11:03am PDT
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From print to TV [1][2] and now radio, this afternoon Dave, John and I will be on CKNW, talking about The Crazy Canucks and podcasting in general for their segment called Get Connected.

The Crazy Canucks on CKNW talkin' bout Podcasting

Get Connected is the ultimate guide to getting your business connected with technology. Each week host Mike Agerbo and co-hosts AJ Vickery and Yolande Lougheed are going look at what’s hot and why.

Dave alone has about five podcast, while John and I have two – although we’ve been slacking on the RadioZoom lately – and we’re all avid bloggers. I’m pretty uncertain as to the content of the show, what we’ll be asked or asked to talk about but it should be some great exposure for our group project and podcasting as a medium. Listen Live on CKNW, today from 1:00pm today, and we should be on around 1:30pm.

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  1. Richard says:

    I *just* caught it, having to fiddle with my antiquated alarm clock radio to find NW. You guys did a good job of explaining podcasting, and I’m especially glad that Dave noted that you don’t need an iPod to listen to them. Nice plugs for all the software you guys use, including WordPress, Audacity, Garage Band, Feedburner, and Drupal (among others). 😉

    The host seemed a little skeptical though, implying pretty strongly that the only people with enough time to do podcasting are the unemployed. John kept his cool though, and saw the humour in it. Again, well done!

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