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To be Seven Again

Sunday, March 25th, 2007 — 11:39pm PDT
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Today was my niece’s 7th birthday. She’s the beautiful, brilliant daughter of my sister, Jenny – who also writes for this blog. Lexi and I discovered a few things this afternoon that I would like to share.

First off, she and the other kids loved Photobooth. It was definitely a challenge on my part to keep my lovely, pristinely white Macbook away from 8 sticky, cakey, childhood paws but I was successful. The kids LOVED the little distortion options and had the best time making faces with “mirror” images.


Second, Webkinz are a little strange. They’re plush toys you can get at the store, and much like the Cabbage Patch Kid fad, you can “adopt” your new friend. With Webkinz, you get a secret code, which you enter on the website and continue a “relationship” with your new friend online through various games and tasks. Pound Puppies meets Tamagotchi. Kids seem to love them, and maybe she will too, but the whole explanation of the concept took way too much time on party day.

Lastly, the sparkle lip gloss that comes with a Barbie cosmetic kit takes likes absolute crap and shouldn’t even be used to strip paint off the side of your house let alone makeup a 7 year old… and her aunt.

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  1. Jenny says:

    It makes me feel old. She’s actually a ‘kid’ now. I can really remember life at 7. She’s already told me (with teenager type tone of indifference) ‘Mom, you know I don’t really need you anymore’.

  2. Chris says:

    Lexi is already 7?!?

    How long have I known you?

  3. Miss604 says:

    Since 2002 :-p Sucker!

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