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Something for the ladies. I try to clean out my makeup collection as need be, although I’m sure you’re supposed to switch things up a lot more often e.g. there’s a max amount of time you should be using one tube of mascara. I have never been a big make up person. I actually didn’t wear any til I was 18 and then it was just mascara. I’ve become more of a “girl” since I suppose… but I thought I would pose this question: do you have any makeup in your collection that you just NEVER wear but won’t throw away?

tackymakeup.jpgI don’t mean that brand new eyeliner pencil that you just haven’t sharpened yet for use. I’m talking about those gaudy colours and shades that you wouldn’t be caught dead in but for some reason you have a full untouched supply in your makeup bag. I currently have such a pallet.

After dinner, and after some wine, I went into the bathroom tonight and found my ‘stash’ of eyeshadow. I got this one multi-coloured kit from my mom for Christmas and I only use the burgundy shade although this has about 16 other colours that I’ve never touched. Tonight, I decided to give them a test drive.

Turquoise on the lid, light azure below the brow line and some nice fuchsia for the lips – yeah I forgot this kit actually has a little pocket on the side that holds lipstick (which it came with as well). I’m not going to throw it away because I do use some of the shades, but a dozen of them will never see my face – at least not when I’m planning on leaving the house. It’s fun for a laugh on a night like tonight but I’m afraid my husband doesn’t want to touch me – he’s afraid I’ll stain his face 😐

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  1. gusgreeperSunday, March 18th, 2007 — 7:06am PDT

    odd timing to see this post. i wear either brown or clear mascara anything else is too much for my lashes but i just tossed my mascara yesterday and bought a new one even though i hardly ever even wear it. it was an impulse buy and plus it was getting a little clumpy. but i don’t have any crazy colors or nothing i have thrown all that out. basically going 80’s like for halloween or something i’d have to borrow the shades.
    ps. you look hot in that photo MAN 😛

  2. YvonneSunday, March 18th, 2007 — 8:07am PDT

    I was a late bloomer as far as makeup also… didn’t start using any until college, and then really only lipstick. I don’t have patience for eye makeup and I am always wearing glasses anyway.

    I don’t really have makeup that I wouldn’t wear, but I do have so many lip glosses/sticks/balms (at least 100) that I go through them about every month, trying to change them up so they get used equally. Somewhat difficult, as I’m always adding to the collection…

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