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Michelle Kim Joins Miss604

Monday, March 19th, 2007 — 11:00am PDT
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Photo credit: Paige Birnie

I’m Michelle Kim, I’ve been best friends with Miss604 since Kindergarten! She has been kind enough to ask me to start contributing to this lovely site, so in the next while, be prepared to read some of my ramblings. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Surrey, BC to a Korean mother and an English father, was raised and schooled there, went to UBC, then moved to London, England to work as a journalist for the BBC. Wrote a novel, worked in Seoul, South Korea, and have since moved home to the West coast to expand myself even further—into the wonderful world of acting. Yes, I’m a full-time acting student and I’m absolutely enjoying it. Really random, but that’s who I am.

So be prepared to read some even more random stuff written by yours truly – that would be me, not Miss604, though she can be quite random at times, too. 😉 I don’t have a website yet (Miss604 will be making me one shortly) but in the meantime, check out my MySpace page for more of a bio, pics and information about this website’s newest contributor.

A guest post by Michelle Kim

Guest contributor Michelle Kim is a local actor, producer, director, and writer. Her book, "Running Through Sprinklers" is available spring 2018 via Simon & Schuster. Michelle contributes write-ups about theatre, film, and the arts.

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  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    It seems a lot more blogs these days are getting multiple writers. Which is a good thing beause it keeps content constant and interesting!

    Welcome and hope you have fun! I look forward to reading what you write. Your brief background is really interesting!

  2. J.J. says:

    Aaaaaah another Surrey-ite. I smell trouble.

  3. Bradley says:

    well hello kim 🙂

    im bradley. a friend of becky and jenny.

    im 6’3″, 200lbs, rock hard abs and i enjoy a fine bottle of wine and long walks on the beach.

    i also do windows.

  4. Bradley says:

    i call everyone by their last name, honestly.

  5. Miss604 says:

    Yeah I figure having another voice besides my own is good- people seem to like my sister’s posts as well. And yes, we’re ALL from Surrey 😉

  6. Bradley says:

    maybe she will have something interesting to say for a change around here! 😛

  7. Miss604 says:

    But that’s what YOURE for Brother Brad!

  8. Keith says:

    Yay! Another surrey-ite to join the site. Good to see another from those elementary-school-days back on the east side of the Fraser.

    See you around the site. 🙂

  9. Duane says:

    Welcome to the party Michele!

  10. Michelle Kim says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!

  11. Jenny in the UK says:

    Welcome Michelle. And might I add you look smokin 😉

  12. […] months ago I had a big special announcement on the site that Michelle would be joining the cast of Since then she’s finished writing her novel, has been in editing stages, traveling across […]

  13. tyfn says:

    Hi Kim,

    Welcome to Miss604. Cool you a UBC alumnus. I am a grad student there now.

    Looking forward to reading your posts.

    Great idea Rebecca to bring her on board!!!

  14. […] this week I conducted an official interview with Michelle Kim regarding the premiere of Metamorphoses in Vancouver. Written by Mary Zimmerman, Metamorphoses […]

  15. […] journalist, actress, and friend of mine (since before the term ‘BFF’ was even coined), Michelle Kim, will be covering the festivities for the site. The 2008 Whistler Film Festival will showcase 90+ […]

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