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When I think of gyms and fitness clubs I get shivers, and I also think about that Friends episode where Chandler and Ross want to “quit the gym”… and end up “quitting the bank”. Overpriced, filled with spandex-clad ‘roid monkeys and Lululemon-loving yoga bunnies the gym can be a scary place.

I had a 3 month pass to Fitness World about 3 years ago. After a couple weeks the novelty wore off and I was just too tired to get up and drive to the gym after work – it seemed like such a hassle. Yeah, lazy, I know. I’ve done cardio kickboxing and 5km runs at 6am but nothing seems to leave me coming back for more. So like a bagillion other people, I’m going to start working out this New Year but I’ll try a different approach.

Yoga would be good for me since I’m pretty high strung at times (spazzy, stressy, high blood pressure, the works) and I could use the workout combined with chilling out but it’s just not my cup of tea. and I just wouldn’t fit in. I’m going to try a different route. Not just because it’s within walking distance from my place, it’s also extremely inexpensive compared to most other options, and lord knows we’re frugal.

So while John continues his conditioning and running during the day, I’m going to give this other option a try for 1 month. I’m not going to disclose where or what it is, you know just for personal/safety purposes. I’ll post updates now n’ then since this place may not be the gem my expectations have built it up to be, and we’ll see how I’m feeling after 4 weeks.

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  1. wynTuesday, January 16th, 2007 — 11:14am PST

    I am definitely intrigued. The winter is a hard time to come up with ideas for what to do and, to top it of, we are carrying around winter/Christmas-feasting weight. (Would it be easier to work it off if we were in Australia?)

    I’m surprised that John’s discipline doesn’t rub off more or motivate you to “keep up” more, like do stuff while he’s out getting fit-ter, even if guys just “have it so easy.” Anyways, good luck with this endeavour and hope to hear what it is all about later!

  2. YvonneTuesday, January 16th, 2007 — 3:29pm PST

    Good for you for getting into something new… The very thought of gyms/working out in public has always freaked me out (though I did take a couple of aerobics classes at a local college that I enjoyed). I have also been bitten by the resolution bug, and I am starting aerobics again, and using my neglected Gazelle.

    And it has been ridiculously cold in the bay area lately, but when it gets nice, I’m going to start walking again too.

  3. Miss604Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 — 3:36pm PST

    I usually value my walk to and from work – that’s about 40 minutes a day. Since it’s so dark now when I leave for work (and head home) I’m usually just hopping on the bus, I’m actually really missing the walking – just in that capacity.

  4. GZ ExpatWednesday, January 17th, 2007 — 9:00pm PST

    When I was living in the states (2004), I biked to work virtually everyday. I rode for 10 miles…rode a train for 10 miles…and then a couple more on the bike just for good measure. Those cold, dark, rainy winter mornings were brutal to get the urge up.

    After moving here…I have turned into a lazy slob. So…after the holidays and all the food added to the waist…back on the treadmill. 4K a day just to get me going.

    Finding the time of the day is the hardest part of all of this. Best of luck to you.

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