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I am the Nino

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 — 7:59pm PDT
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John and I are watching the Canucks cruise into their 5th straight win, nope, no breaking the streak tonight… [Canucks&Beyond] even though we’re just in the first intermission.

I thought I’d just post something on a slightly lighter note, since earlier today it got a little heavy. Flipping through channels during the intermission John came across some weather program on one of the ‘higher up’ stations. We’re suckers for Discovery Channel programing and natural disaster documentaries. This one was about global warming so instantly John, whom I love dearly, turned on his Chris Farley [imdb] El Nino [wiki] voice. It’s one that I’ve heard before but never quite knew the context. So as I’m sitting at the computer writing a lovely email to my mother, he does the voice and I open up a new tab in Firefox. I type in a Google search “Chris Farley El Nino”, and am enlightened.

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