The Crazy Canucks – Episode 8

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Everyone is back on the line for Episode 8. Talk of booze, fights on the ice, and JJ becoming our very own fan blogger all keep us chatting this week.

Although the water is still murky in Vancouver, the Canucks’ play has made everything a little brighter. After a dismal beating last week, our boys come back with two victories since the last episode.

Alanah is back online with the gang as we discuss our recent wins. J.J. recaps his experience at the game vs St Louis on Friday night and Dave gives us his perspective, after attending the Chicago match last night.

Record as of this podcast: 10-10-1 (3rd in the Northwest Division)

The quick little defenseman catching our attention, our fearless Captain almost getting a hat trick and Kesler’s right hook all lifted our spirits. With 3 more games this week, and no shortage of shots on goal, we know the Canucks have the potential to kick some serious butt.

Run Time: 26:20
The Crazy Canucks Podcast, Episode 8

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