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Thursday, November 9th, 2006 — 8:45pm PDT
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eih“It’s my busy time of year”. Very very very busy. Everyone’s got something to say, something to report and a company to take over and it’s our job to make sure people know about it. It doesn’t matter how many fancy programs our IT department concocts, it doesn’t make anything easier. I think I need to go to the optometrist and get me some glasses or something. People in the office like the lights out because it’s “easier on the eyes” but I dunno what kinda night vision they must have, because it’s more painful on mine.

It’s 7:30pm and I’m just now catching up on my news and blog feeds for the day while the Canucks take on the Ducks. I think it’s fantastic to see the Canucks under local ownership again [mbv]. We discussed it a little on the podcast [thecrazycanucks] and everyone’s pretty happy about it. No more fear of a big American swooping in and moving the team to Iowa.

Gonna crack a beer and ride out the week. I’ve been battling a cold now for about a week, and I think the change of season is getting to John as well. No crazy interviewing rock stars this weekend, nothing fancy at all, in fact I’m even working the stat on Monday. Maybe my lovely sister [jenny]will take me away to America this weekend for food and shopping times. Maybe Alex Burrows wants to come with? :-O

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  1. Jenny says:

    Yay, Bellis fair and VS and and cheap gas and full price coffee

  2. Sandy says:

    Should I be glad I didn’t get to see the game? Because that loss looks mighty disappointing.

  3. Miss604 says:

    ugh SO painful! Luongo got pulled for the first time after letting in 3 goals on like 8/9 shots :S

    oh and speaking of the canucks, on the latest podcast i mentioned you (sorta) since we were talking about canuck fans around the world :p

  4. Sandy says:

    Yay! I’m famous now! ;p

  5. LoLoD. says:

    They’re probably the reason why I need a new prescription now. If you’ve got a migraine, STAY HOME! Don’t go to work and make your co-workers suffer just because you’re in pain! (not you, but you know who I mean :P)

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