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Dictating Fonts

Monday, November 20th, 2006 — 3:18pm PDT
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While looking over a new theme that we’ve been working on for a while, John and I got into a heated debate over fonts. Yes, our household is just THAT geeky.

I flashed a screenshot of the theme-in-progress to my co-worker, Chris who said there’s a part of it that reminds him of “that little tank game”, he then proceeded to demonstrate with his fingers, the movements of the tank and tag on some sound effects “eeeee oooooo crrhhgggglllhhhhhh!” I totally knew what he was talking about.tankwars.jpg

Way back when, my brother, sister and I used to have two games on our computer. One was with two gorillas on top of skyscrapers and you had to adjust velocity and angle, then toss a banana at the other person’s gorilla. Any banana that missed, left a crater and the cityscape would vanish around you, while battling. They also had a version of it on Intellivision [wiki]. Quality gaming, I know.

Another, was Tank Wars – the game Chris was getting at. All the computer-run tanks were named after dictators and warriors, Atilla, Musollini, Adolf, etc. To play a much-updated version of Tank Wars, visit a site that lives up to its reputation,

Chris also says I should be a “Verdana sales rep” since I can sell anyone on it [previous post about fonts yes, I have a previous post about fonts].

Update: Found a forum post about the gorilla game, “Apes”. Someone actually re-created it, sweeeeet.

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  1. Jenny says:

    But in the one we used to play you could use different weapons, like napalm! (sp?)

  2. Miss604 says:

    Yep and there were like 8 opponents, much better than this version but not as “fancy” :p

  3. KevBo says:

    I miss the banana tossing game, that and the snake game

  4. Mom-In-Law says:

    Your geeky conversations fit our family profile so well. It amazes me to think that John found someone that would actually debate fonts with him and still be so good looking!

  5. Apay says:

    SCORCHED EARTH!!!!!! eeeeeee

  6. Miss604 says:

    Apay! We played the Apes game on YOUR Intellivision… along with Frogger. It was sweet.

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