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Georgia street was closed for most of today because of the Santa Claus Parade. I headed out to start my shift at work and arrived about 45 minutes later. Normally, it takes about 10 minutes to get to work if I take a bus and 20 if I walk.

The #5 Robson bus is usually pretty efficient, but today it had to take many detours – it turned right on Thurlow and went all the way down to Beach Ave. Crossed over Burrard and turned left up Seymour where it met up with its proper route. 30 minutes later and I’m off the bus, wondering why the heck I didn’t just WALK.

Along Robson there were people handing out popcorn at the Bell store, Starbucks was handing out free samples of gingerbread lattes and every street was packed with either parade goers, shoppers, and football fans. Everyone who just wanted to get out on a sunny afternoon – knowing that the rains will come again.

trafficcams.jpgIt being Grey Cup Sunday, we take a slight pause from being Canuck fans and remember that we’ve also got a pretty kick ass football team around here. (See John’s CFL post if you are unfamiliar with our ‘Mutant Form of Football’). Being the heavy favourites and league dominators this year, our boys came out on top. Now it’s time to plan another parade route, which will cause another crazy day of traffic downtown.

The Canucks face off tonight in Pay Per View action vs Chicago. Even though Alex Burrows will probably be broken-hearted, with his Alouettes losing today, they should be able to steamroll over the hawks with some of that momentum from Friday night.

As for me? 4 more hours of work to go…

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