Clear Skies, Muddy Water

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This whole “don’t drink the water” thing is Metroblogging gold.

You still shouldn’t be brushing your teeth with the water or drinking it but seriously, you CAN wash your hands. We were out Friday night and 3 women in the ladies room with me got right out of the stall, headed to the paper towels and left. Um, I’d rather take my chances with the tap water + soap then uh… that. That’s just wrong [mbv].

This is something BIG happening to the city and even though it’s about a major public health risk, there’s so much to blog about. From news reports to peoples’ crazy behaviors. Maybe tomorrow we’ll be able to blog about the BC Lions winning the Grey Cup – but who cares about football anyway?

We’re doing okay here on day 3 without water, the dishes are stacking up [audihertz], we had to go grab some more bottled water but man the skies cleared today and the fresh air, sunshine and snowy mountain views just lifted our spirits. Even though I was out in New West serving tea on my only day off in two weeks, it was worth it.

We get to have a nice night at home tonight. We have beer in the fridge and leftovers from Flying Wedge. Mercy me that’s good pizza!

The Canucks won last night and even though I work from 3pm to 11pm tomorrow – hopefully I’ll still be able to catch the game on the radio. It’s another Pay Per View so I think John will be headed to our friends’ house in Lynn Valley for some munchies and male bonding.

I’m SO looking forward to this short week coming up – nothing to do except work for 3 days, plan a massive Thanksgiving dinner with my husband and hit the stores south of the border during some quality sister time with Jenny.

I started Christmas shopping already, got something for the in-laws and hopefully we’ll get a parcel down to the family soon. I can’t wait to have Christmas in Kansas City or Iowa, I’m sure John can’t either. Until then, we’ll enjoy the holidays up here with my family. My Oma’s health is failing lately, we have to get out and see her although I’m sure she’ll bounce back soon. She was all boisterous the other night watching the hockey game, “Oh those lousy Canucks!” She’s the Canucks’ number one 85 year old fan – it’s tough love, really.

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  1. JennySaturday, November 18th, 2006 — 11:54pm PST

    I don’t know if you heard this story but it’s adorable. A few weeks ago Aunt Anita , Mom and the Aunties from Germany were in the living room. Anita left to check on Oma and came back giggling hysterically. Turns out Oma thought she was watching some kind of ‘Miss America’ style pageant was sitting , cluelessly watching the ‘Hooters Swimsuit pageant’.

  2. KevBoSunday, November 19th, 2006 — 9:03am PST

    the only thing to do is it sit back, relax and listen to some dave matthews, cause he warned everyone about this long ago.

  3. john bollwitt blog » After all, it’s just an advisoryTuesday, November 21st, 2006 — 3:36pm PST

    […] Rebecca hit the nail on the head when she called this boil water advisory blogging gold[miss604]. You might be saying that this is getting old and not worth reading about anymore. If that’s true for you, then skip this post. You can say that I’m whining, but this is more about documenting a short lived nuisance to exhibit potential bigger problems that I highlighted in my last post about this situation. […]

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