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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 — 8:30am PDT
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I have a rich employment history dealing with broadcasting audio (in rich I mean, it’s full of – not – very lucretive :p). It all started in 1998, unofficially and officially in 2000 when I joined the dotcom boom with an online broadcasting company.

I’ve always loved audio production but that doesn’t even come close to the passion my husband Mister radio- podcast- engineer- mega caster man has.

John’s been podcasting RadioZoom since October of 2004 and all the music he’s played has been podsafe* for the last year. This includes artists such as Nada Surf, Matthew Good, John Vanderslice, The Format, Shiner, The GOStation, Harvey Danger – just to name a few.

After I landed the Aberdeen City Interview John officially named me the podcast’s ‘publicist’. It was in jest but I’m hoping it will ring true someday because I’ve just landed him permission to play another cool band that we both enjoy, The Secret Machines.

Recently, he’s incorporated me into his shows, most often as a co-host although I did have my hosting/producing premiere last week [radiozoom], yeah I know, I was nervous. I got to pick the tunes we played, run the production side of things and become acquainted with Ubercaster.

It will always be his show though, and I’m really grateful that he’s let me become a part of it. Even though we have our own blogs and side projects, it’s kinda nice to come together and do something like this. It’s even nicer to team up with some great bloggers and bust out a Crazy Canucks episode every week. We’ll have an episode out soon with a LOT to talk about (Friday vs St. Louis, Saturday vs Nashville, and last night vs Dallas).

Back to RadioZoom, since we’re pretty ignorant when it comes to this, I might as well put this ‘out there’. If you know of, or are a local Vancouver musician or band, looking for a different kind of exposure that doesn’t include MySpace, feel free to email some tunes or a link to your site to:


Also, we’re always open to suggestions, so please let us know if there’s anything you’d love to hear, thanks!

*Podsafe = Played with permission from the artist/record company and/or found on the Podsafe Music Network [PMN].

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