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Archive Photos of the Day: Elvis

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 — 11:33am PDT
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On this day in Vancouver history, Elvis Presley performed one song at Empire Stadium before he had to leave the stage due to crazed fans battling with local police. He came back on stage after a few minutes and played four more songs [source]. The screams from the crowd were so loud that no one could even hear The King perform.

1957, Elvis kneeling on top of the CKNW reporter table
VPL Accession Number: 61263
Photo credit: Unknown

Red Robinson wrote on his website: “Vancouver was the biggest success story on the whole tour. I was proud to be part of the success that day as I had tried in vain to get Elvis here for a year and a half. This was the first celebrity to ever rent stadiums and he could do it because he was a giant, even then. He had completed two movies, had great success with his recordings up to that time going to the top of the charts and his appearances on the Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan, and Steve Allen TV shows were ratings monsters. He was a true sensation. I have always stated that this was his biggest show of that tour but to hear Elvis himself say that it was is the icing on the cake.”

1957, PNE officials and military restraining Elvis fans
VPL Accession Number: 61270
Photo credit: The Province Newspaper

1957, Elvis Presley with a CKNW reporter
VPL Accession Number: 61272
Photo credit: The Province Newspaper

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  1. Rachel says:

    Love the pictures included in your post above.

    I visited Memphis and Graceland this summer on a little roadtrip and loved the experience. I even had a fried peanut butter and bananna sandwish at Granceland-an Elvis fave.

    I loved it!

  2. I love this. I have always found Elvis so intriguing… I think that’s my mother’s influence. And what woman can resist him during his leather days?

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