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Snowy Mountain Photos from the Miss604 Flickr Pool

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We’ve been away in Iowa for the last part of the month where temperatures have been working their way down to -20C. It’s the type of cold that impedes you from going outside and enjoying the snow — feet of snow that fell weeks ago but remains on the ground due to the chill. When […]

From the Miss604 Flickr Pool: BC Place Light Displays

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It’s been just over a year since the renovated and refurbished BC Place was unveiled. Aside from an entirely new roof, new seats, and seismic upgrades, the 36-foot tall Northern Lights Display was added in a ring around the stadium. Photo credit: Basedigital Images (Away…) on Flickr Made up of 170 ETFE panels, stacked 4 […]

Vancouver Supermoon Photos

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The supermoon appeared over Vancouver last night, rising up and glowing brightly as it closely orbited the earth. Photographers who camped out with their tripods captured this effect and have graciously shared the results with the Miss604 Flickr Pool. Enjoy! Photo credit: Wynonna on Flickr Photo credit: bcbusinesshub on Flickr Photo credit: bcbusinesshub on Flickr […]

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Photos 2012

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Although the blossoms in the West End have fallen, covering sidewalks like snowflakes, there are still thousands of trees bursting with spring colours across the city. Photos showcased this week from the Miss604 Flickr Pool all celebrate cherry blossom season. Photo credit: LawrenceH on Flickr Photo credit: rocketcandy & rocketcandy & rocketcandy on Flickr Photo […]

From the Miss604 Flickr Pool: Lions Gate Bridge Lights

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It was on this day, February 19, 1986, when the Lions Gate Bridge was illuminated for the first time, a gift from the Guinness family that initially had the bridge built. In honor of this, I have picked out some photos from the Miss604 Flickr Pool. Photo credit: tlmacdonaldphotography on Flickr Photo credit: popejon2 & […]