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happy labour day, lenny

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ya know, you’d think being on the radio – being a public figure as it were, you’d be slightly intelligent. now i know intelligent people can work in radio (*wink wink nudge nudge*) but when I hear people stating facts that are just completely wrong, it’s slightly annoying. okay maybe it’s not their intelligence as […]

fah fah away

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i’m going to be working this weekend – which kinda sucks but i get a day off in lieu so we’re going to plan our lil mini-island getaway around that time. you’d be surprised at how much news can come in and be distributed at 10pm on a sunday night. they cut down trees outside […]

mind that gap pt. 2

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we’re still getting wedding pics sent in to us from all over north america. my new sis-in-law in illinois keeps sending these wicked digital shots, while someone at my church yesterday handed us some pretty great prints. my sis is taking off again! my mom and sister took off to england/parts of europe in the […]