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The Metroslave & The Vancouver Blogging Females

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My Metroblogging T-shirt arrived today. Being a shiny new City Captain, I’m just getting my feet wet and getting used to a few more responsibilities. Being privy to about 30 emails a day on the worldwide captains email list isn’t the most lovely thing for my inbox but it is interesting to see what’s going […]

Buzz Dump, Morning Brew, Ms 604 Style

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Browsing the daily reads this morning I found the following: “Damn, Zuma is freakin’ addictive. And now, Apple lets you buy it for your iPod. I’m not getting out of iTunes alive.” [todmaffinblog] When it’s super slow, when you’re eating lunch at your desk or just to waste company time it seems that Pop Cap […]

It's Falling at Your Feet

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Heading into the elevator on my way to lunch, I looked up to read the news. The LCD screen aglow with the ‘Word of the Day’ and latest TSX market figures. Every couple of minutes I’ll spot a story off CP and every so often, something will make me chuckle. reports that 32% of […]

girlie blogs

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Quick word about some other 604 Miss’es and their blogs. First off, my sister should be chiming in on this week from the UK, with a lovely travel update. Gus Greeper‘s got her hot rockstar pic up on, click to vote for her now. I had my 15 minutes on 25peeps, now I’ve […]