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Test the Nation Trip: No Spoilers Here

Comments 8 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Just got back from the CBC and am thawing out in my hotel. Several of the Vancouver bloggers had to leave right from the set once the show was over since they fly out tonight. I’m lucky to have a morning flight, a morning flight that isn’t too early no less. I have photos to […]

Test the Nation: More Info and BC Bloggers

Comments 13 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Update: There’s a blog on Test the Nation talking about the Blogger Team members who are blogging. Sweet. Oh and Samantha Bee *is* our assigned celebrity. On Saturday I fly out to Toronto for a trivia quiz along with about a hundred other contestants from various careers and walks of life to participate in Test […]

Toronto Is Giving Me an IQ Test

Comments 20 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Okay so it’s not really an IQ test, it’s more like trivia… and I LIVE for trivia. The CBC has had two editions of “Test the Nation” thus far and they’ve been pretty successful. I’ve played along from home and online and learned a bit about myself each time. This installment will be, “Test the […]

Test the Nation: Watch Your Language

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The CBC is all into testing us Canadians with their interactive programming. The first of the ‘Test the Nation‘ series was a giant nation-wide IQ test where you would watch the program on TV (live), follow along on the web, or grab a paper copy to record your answers. Then your score would be compared […]

Rising Fame Through Baked Goods

Comments 22 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The camera man just called the producer and said, “I’m sitting here with a bunch of donuts and a nice lady,” the person on the other end of the phone replied “what a nice combination.” The CBC contacted me a few days ago about a post I had written, it just so happens that it’s […]