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Monday Morning Link Fest

Comments 11 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I avoided the computer for most of Sunday because Saturday’s live blogging of Barcamp not only obliterated my finger tips due to typing for 8 hours straight but also the family went to the PNE. My sister, the kids and my mother all packed up the car and met me at The Fair. We had […]

Barcamp Vancouver 2007 Live Blog

Comments 19 by Rebecca Bollwitt

After a wild and crazy night of meet n’ greets here we are. Good morning Barcampers! I started blogging this morning on the bus (in tribute to Tony) and I will be posting content throughout the day today. It won’t be a true live blog but recaps and updates from today’s unconference will be published […]

Barcamp This Weekend

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last year at this time I was gearing up for my first live blog and my first blogging unconference. Since 2004 I’ve kept this here site alive and it was the first time I could step out into the real world and meet like-minded people for a major geek out session. Actually, we did attend […]

90% of everything is crud

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

In the middle of session #2 at BarCamp.Already my head is swimming with ideas and ramblings. I’m realizing that I have a lot more input that I thought I would. We’re in the middle of talking about podcasting. Roland just said: “we’re at the Geocities and Angelfire of podcasting.” It’s still such a new thing […]