Take a Seat: 34 Photos of Vancouver Benches

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For a city so active, there sure are a lot of places to sit down and take a break. However, I think it’s more a matter of having a place to pause and take in the stunning views than anything else. We have benches made of recycled materials, benches with commemorative plaques, benches where you can enjoy your latest food truck take-out lunch. Inspired by Vancouver is Awesome’s The Mighty Booth series, I found a collection of photos in the Miss604 Flickr Pool that feature these convenient outdoor seats.

34 Photos of Vancouver Benches

Winter In the Park
Photo credit: jevanshead on Flickr

.. Couple on a Bench
Photo credit: Igor Bertyaev & Jason Gallant. on Flickr

Waiting for the Sun
Photo credit: Laríssa on Flickr

Chilling out at Olympic Village Red Green Umbrella
Photo credit: Ruth and Dave & Scapevision & どこでもいっしょ on Flickr

Stanley Park seawall Empty benches
Photo credit: Zorro1968 & Eric Flexyourhead (Trying to catch up!) on Flickr

Garden bench Bench or bridge?
Photo credit: Ruth and Dave, & Ruth and Dave, on Flickr

Photo credit: Kevin Krebs on Flickr

Expect a wet week Cresent beach bench Cold Seat
Photo credit: Eugene’s Likeness & Pocoken & Clayton Perry Photoworks on Flickr

Scottie Palm Tree
Photo credit: PiscesDreamer & PiscesDreamer on Flickr

FADING AWAY Brown vs Red Scattered leaves on a bench
Photo credit: P Squared Pics & P Squared Pics & K D Photos on Flickr

Photo credit: kelly.kaye on Flickr

Love, Reign O'er Me, English Bay
Photo credit: prism photography on Flickr

Hadden Park
Photo credit: Philip Tong on Flickr

Contemplation in the Rain
Photo credit: Jason Gallant. on Flickr

Beautiful Day for a Family Stroll The Woman Passing by
Photo credit: dons projects & BX Photos on Flickr

Photo credit: vjmporium on Flickr

Bench Old Friends - Victory Park
Photo credit: Carlos Lavara & Danielle Bauer on Flickr

Vancouver ......bench..........
Photo credit: D-K-D on Flickr

Foggy Saturday at Kits Beach
Photo credit: DJ Greer on Flickr

Vancouver Storm - Waves, Bench seawall
Photo credit: Erich J. Harvey on Flickr

crescent beach
Photo credit: rbrtwhite on Flickr

Best Seat In The House
Photo credit: Clayton Perry Photoworks on Flickr

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  1. Thea FrankeWednesday, March 19th, 2014 — 6:25pm PDT

    These are absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing!

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