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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 — 10:54am PDT
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Boxing Day is for more time with family and friends, perhaps a second turkey or a roast ham dinner, and wicked-cheap deals on electronics from local retailers. I’m still over in Iowa with John‘s family but this selection of photos that have been submitted to the Miss604 Flickr Pool this week make me feel right at home.

Liquid Hymnal
Photo credit: Mark Faviell Photos on Flickr

Snow, Lights, Branches
Photo credit: Gordana AM on Flickr

lovely, uncommon Vancouver scene
Photo credit: Judy B – The Travelling Eye on Flickr

Winter Fish Snow in Vancouver
Photo credit: Mark Faviell Photos & Scapevision on Flickr

Snowmen at the pool
Photo credit: amathelier on Flickr

Stanley Park Seawall Damage Stanley Park Seawall Damage
Photo credit: colink. & colink. on Flickr

Ship Brilliant Sky Ship Brilliant Sky
Photo credit: bcbusinesshub & bcbusinesshub on Flickr

coop view.
Photo credit: vladimirmegan on Flickr

Harrison Hot Springs Mountain View Snowy Trees
Photo credit: amathelier & mountainhiker on Flickr

Flickr is a free photo sharing service that also has a premium (paid) upgrade account option that provides more storage. You can set your own license so you don’t have to worry about them selling off your photos or having others use them without permission. The photos submitted to the Miss604 Flickr Pool are all added by their owners, giving me the permission to post and feature them. Consider looking into Flickr if you’re on the hunt for a new photo service. We’ve been using it since 2004 (paying for pro accounts) and have always loved it.

Photo credit: ethanea on Flickr

Granville Street at Night "14 Hastings" Ice Skating Robson Square
Photo credit: bcbusinesshub & bcbusinesshub on Flickr

Photo credit: Stv. on Flickr

Shining stars. Coffee House
Photo credit: oooNJooo & Photocat62 on Flickr

Christmas tree and the Olympic Cauldron
Photo credit: MikeWu on Flickr

As always, please click through on these images to view more work from the photographers and feel free to share your own photos with the Miss604 Flickr Pool. View all photo collections here.

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  1. Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing!

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