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Thursday, August 30th, 2012 — 2:15pm PST
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Everyone’s saying this is the last weekend of summer but with a late start, here’s hoping the sunny days stick around until the season officially wraps up at the end of September.

Sunset at Scotch Pond
Photo credit: kennymatic on Flickr

Here is another sampling of images that have been added to the Miss604 Flickr Pool this week, enjoy!

Today in Vancouver Part 2: Swingers and Spinners | The PNE Fairgrounds
Photo credit: [travelfox] on Flickr

Evolution of Extreme Evolution of Extreme
Photo credit: Michael Kwan & Michael Kwan on Flickr

Pyramid #lookup
Photo credit: stv. & Stv. on Flickr

Hands on knees 111 Dunsmuir
Photo credit: Ruth and Dave & colink. on Flickr

Vancouver Block
Photo credit: Zorro1968 on Flickr

Sun Tower Seymour Building
Photo credit: Zorro1968 & Zorro1968 on Flickr

Inside the ferry deck
Photo credit: bcbusinesshub on Flickr

Sun Yat-Sen Garden
Photo credit: Scapevision on Flickr

Jack Together on Granville
Photo credit: Eric Flexyourhead & Jason Gallant on Flickr

Squamish and Howe Sound from Penny Lane
Photo credit: Ruth and Dave on Flickr

Photo credit: TheVancouverGuy on Flickr

The far end of the lake! high knoll reflection
Photo credit: Stv. & Nicole Soltys on Flickr

Evening catch
Photo credit: kenymatic on Flickr

sunsets on the 5d mk3
Photo credit: Eyesplash on Flickr

Sun sets on Scotch Pond Still waters of Scotch Pond
Photo credit: Eric Flexyourhead & Eric Flexyourhead on Flickr

A Vancouver Beach Night
Photo credit: KateDW™ on Flickr

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One comment

  1. Michael Kwan says:

    Thanks for the inclusion. That Music Express shot by Travelfox is pretty cool!

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