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From the Miss604 Flickr Pool: Rain

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 — 2:40pm PDT
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It’s rather fitting that the first collection of images From the Miss604 Flickr Pool for 2012 have a “rain” theme. Make jokes about living on the “Wet” Coast and complain about umbrella etiquette all you want. The fact is that all of this lovely precipitation, that allows us to splash around in our wellies, ensures that we have the most beautiful, green, and lush scenery that any world class city could ask for.

Sunny Day @ Rain Coast Rain rain go away...
Photo credit: Paul Kreuger & S. Vegas on Flickr

Storm's a'coming
Photo credit: Tom Wiebe on Flickr

Bright umbrella Beaten down by the rain
Photo credit: Ruth and Dave & Ruth and Dave on Flickr

No Rain Stops the Sun DSC_0221.jpg
Photo credit: kardboard604 & colink. & Cherish Bryck Photography on Flickr

Photo credit: eych-you-bee-ee-ahr-tee on Flickr

Tonight in Vancouver: A Piece of Robson
Photo credit: [travelfox] on Flickr

Rain Rain Go Away
Photo credit: Ryan Mezzo on Flickr

Weather reporting at it's finest
Photo credit: Eyesplash on Flickr

Granville street in the rain Vancouver Rain
Photo credit: Helen.Ailsa & popejon2 on Flickr

Rain On Your Parade
Photo credit: !graceface! on Flickr

Caught Outside
Photo credit: Maurice Li on Flickr

As always, please click through on the images to see more work from each of the photographers and feel free to share your own images in the Miss604 Flickr Pool.

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  1. How fitting – I’ve just come “home” for the next few weeks, and it’s obviously no surprise there’s going to be some wet-sun in January. Thanks for your post, Rebecca!

  2. colleen howard says:

    Hi there-I loved your pics-it is liquid gold that you see not rain!

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