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The temperature has dipped and this weekend our clocks on the West Coast will fall back an hour. The remaining multitude of colour that was once up in branches will tumble to the ground and get washed away. November is now in full swing and I’m pleased to present the 50th collection of photos From the Miss604 Flickr Pool.

Autumn at Kits Pool
Photo credit:
Ruth and Dave on Flickr

The beginning is near. photo
(Left) rommy ghaly (Right) Beaulawrence on Flickr

North view from the Residences at Georgia
Photo credit: [travelfox] on Flickr

Nelson St and Granville Street
Photo credit: bcbusinesshub on Flickr

PHOTO - Today in Vancouver: Sentinels of Stanley Park
Photo credit: [travelfox] on Flickr

Perfect fall day Autumn in Vancouver Tree #processed
(Left) Chris_TseWong (Middle) westcoasta79 (Right) .stv. on Flickr

project365 - Day 297 of 365
(Left) Questa_Durron (Right) rob.masefield on Flickr

Photo credit: jesterlaffs on Flickr

Head No. 1 #publicArt Dominion Cambie & Smithe
Photo credit: stv. on Flickr

Autumn in Vancouver
Photo credit: Zorro1968 on Flickr

Photo credit: Kyler Storm on Flickr

As always, click on each image to see more from each photographer and please feel free to share your photos with the group. There are almost 500 members in the group that you will be sharing with and weekly, I hand-select a few photos for feature.

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  1. Henry LeeFriday, November 4th, 2011 — 10:39am PDT

    I miss those beautiful fall colours! Thanks, Rebecca, for your post!

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