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Future Shop Musical Instrument Store Giveaway

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 — 10:30am PDT
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Last week Future Shop opened its first local musical instruments store at Park Royal featuring top-brand instruments, pro-audio equipment, as well as offering music lessons.

This is the third musical instrument store for Future Shop and the first in the Lower Mainland. They will carry top names including Fender, Korg, Marshall and Yahama, and lessons will be available in bundles of 15, 5, or as-needed, all provided at the store in sound-proof rooms devoted to the lessons. 

Bass drum, crash cymbal, floor tom, hi hat, snare, 8×10 and 9×12 toms

To celebrate this launch, Future Shop has asked if I would offer a giveaway to my readers so we picked out the Ddrum Acoustic Drum Set (D2MB) and bundled it with a set of 5 lessons from a music expert at Future Shop Park Royal. If you would like to enter to win this package (valued at approximately $500), here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment listing your favourite musical instrument (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win a $500 drum package from @FS_Connect & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner (who may use this or use it as a gift) on Friday, March 18th at 2:00pm Monday, March 21 at 9:00am.

    Update Matthew M is the winner, congratulations!

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    1. Ryan says:

      Drums are my fav, but guitar a close second. Great contest!

    2. Amanda says:

      Favourite musical instrument is the bass. Backbone of the band, man. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Alex says:


    4. Tracey says:

      My son’s teacher FINALLY moved him to the drums! He is so glad – and March 18th is perfect it’s his birthday. My fav is violin…

    5. Chris says:

      Cello is my favorite to listen to! But piano is my favorite to play.

    6. Ian says:

      The saxophone hands down!

    7. Erika says:

      Viola – the slightly larger, more mellow version of the violin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. Rachel says:

      The piano!

    9. John says:

      I`ve always had an interest in the drums ! love the acoustic guitar as well !

    10. Sandra says:

      I love the violin!

    11. vincent says:

      I actually love the drums! Used to play the guitar. But not very musically talented. haha!

    12. RachelW says:

      The drums rock…bass is a close second…

    13. Danielle Scott says:

      The guitar!

    14. Nicole says:

      Saxophone…hands down…dont care if it’s alto, tenor, or barritone!!!

    15. Donna says:

      Drums! They are sexy, as are drummers ๐Ÿ˜›

    16. stephanie says:

      My 10 year old son has been bugging me for drum lessons, This would be perrrrrfect for him. He would go crazy.Thanks

    17. David says:

      Right now, my favourite instrument is my iPhone! The instruments are a lot more affordable than real ones… but I’d much prefer to have an acoustic drum kit to bang on!!!

    18. Peter says:

      Timpanis. I want to be the guy in the orchestra playing those.

    19. Ceci says:

      Piano:) I’d like to try my hands at drums!

    20. Rob says:

      I’d have to say my favorite instrument is drums. And in fact, I’ve been planning on buying some….

    21. Vanessa says:


    22. David Darling says:

      Drums! Hooray!

    23. michelle says:

      definitely the guitar, but drums are cool… ๐Ÿ™‚

    24. Beth says:

      I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums!

    25. Hora says:

      Drums are cool, but I still love the piano.

    26. matthew m says:

      Sax. But that’s mostly because that’s what I know how to play.

    27. Aileen R says:

      The Flute is my favorite as it sounds so whimsical.

    28. Serena Debolt says:

      The guitar is my favorite instrument – a 12 string!
      Tweeted too!

    29. Katie says:

      The recorder — haha (I used to be in the advanced recorder program)

    30. Janet says:


    31. liz says:

      everybody loves the drums my personal fave!!!

    32. liz says:

      i love the drums!!!

    33. Christine says:

      Acoustic guitar! And drums are a close second.

    34. Lyndsey says:

      Drums are my fav!! I dont exactly know how to play them but lessons are coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    35. Julie says:


    36. Belinda says:

      Piano and Violin

    37. Sara says:


    38. Jas says:

      Piano ๐Ÿ™‚

    39. Teresa says:


    40. amanda says:

      i love the oboe !!

    41. Rikushix says:

      I play guitar but I’ve always wanted to learn drums!

    42. Shayne says:

      The piano would have to be my favourite, but I’ve always had room for drums ๐Ÿ˜‰

    43. Ennie says:


    44. Tricia says:


    45. Maria says:

      I love the piano

    46. Bons says:

      What a wonderful contest! Piano is my favorite but I would love to learn how to play the drums if given the chance.

    47. MaryAnn says:

      The drums!! I did play for a couple of years back in high school, would like to play again!

    48. Ally says:

      the bass! ๐Ÿ™‚

    49. Janet says:

      My fav instrument is the violin!

    50. Jenny says:

      my favourite has to be the piano!

    51. gisele says:

      drums drums drums are the best! i went to ladies rock camp in portland last year to fulfill a lifelong dream to play the drums. when i say i was born to play the drums, well, i was born to play the drums.

    52. randy saunders says:

      I have always loved drums, closely followed by the surreal sounds of the violin & mandolin!

    53. Anna says:

      I love drums!

    54. Christine says:

      Piano ๐Ÿ™‚

    55. Mel says:

      Trombone is my favorite! But I would love to learn to play the drums.

    56. James says:

      Definitely an old school fender stratocaster guitar!

    57. JK says:


    58. Erin says:

      My favorite instrument is the piano, if only I could play!

    59. brianne sheppard says:

      I’ve only played the piano but I dreamed of the drums ๐Ÿ™‚

    60. Mav says:

      I love electric guitars.

    61. Sherri says:

      DRUMS! I just signed up for Ladies Rock Camp Vancouver in May and def hoping I get to play drums there. Excellent contest!

    62. rino says:

      The drums for my son!

    63. tania says:

      Drums! My daughter would be so excited.

    64. My neighbours would love me!

    65. darcy says:


    66. Gina says:


    67. Amy W. says:


    68. Rocky Tolley says:


    69. Tracey Flattes says:


    70. Tim C says:

      Drums! This contest can make my dreams come true.

    71. YAYA says:


    72. Deborah says:

      I wanna learn the drums!!

    73. Jo-Ann says:

      We love the violin!

    74. Deborah says:

      Whoops forgot to mention my fav instrument, the guitar!

    75. Erin Virtanen says:

      bongo drums!

    76. Loraine says:

      The Cello!

    77. Jenka says:

      I love keyboards and voice

    78. Kai says:

      bass and drums ๐Ÿ™‚

    79. Tom says:

      Rock band drums, but would be good to learn how to play the real drums.

    80. C Wilson says:

      Guitar..for sure!

    81. Virginia says:

      My favourite is the bass guitar. My son would love these drums! Right now, he plays piano, trumpet and some percussion.

    82. Benji says:

      YAH! tap tap tap Percussion rules!

    83. Kayleigh says:

      The recorder! I rocked hot cross buns.

    84. Renn says:

      Grew up playing the piano so piano has always been my favourite – but have always wanted to learn the drums too!

    85. A.J. says:

      I love percussion instruments like drums! I played with some way back in highschool at my friend’s house, but was never able to convince my parents about it haha!

      Great prize!

    86. Alan says:

      Time to wake up the neighbours!

    87. Duncan says:

      Its better to burn out than it is to rust! And thats how I want to go – beating my drums!

    88. shauna says:

      Fav instrument? The human voice of course! I can take it anywhere with me. But drums keep the beat. : ) Shauna

    89. Andrew says:

      The piano!

    90. Mark says:


    91. Bill says:

      Guitar but always wanted to learn drums.

    92. Tracy says:


    93. Steve says:

      Guitar… Townshend signature Gibson SG… mmmm….

    94. Heather Lindsay says:

      Drums and guitar and glockenspiel!

    95. Meghan says:

      Definitely the drums!

    96. Richard says:


    97. Linda says:

      it has to be the… saxamaphone…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    98. jenny says:

      either the guitar, piano or drums but i would love to learn the guitar the most.

    99. Andrea says:

      the UKE!

    100. mike says:


    101. Linda says:

      Guitar followed by the drums!

    102. Paul says:

      My favorite is my Rockband 3 Mustang Pro guitar, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    103. Sanaz says:

      Guitar is my favourite!

    104. Kenny says:

      I like the acoustic guitar.

    105. Chris Gomez says:

      Electric Guitar is my favorite.

    106. Ethan says:

      Drums all the way

    107. harold craig says:

      got to be congo drums been playing them for a long time

    108. Matt Reiss says:

      Got to love that bass, but drums are amazing too!

    109. Dragonblade629 says:

      I prefer the guitar…or the sax. Love the lead sounds!

    110. Toby says:

      Whatever makes beats

    111. Nikos Zarifis says:

      Guitar :D:D

    112. Mary says:

      Acoustic Guitars are my #1 fav! But drums are a close 2nd!

    113. Gary D says:

      My favorite instrument is electric guitar – but I love drums and I would love to win this set.

    114. Joella says:

      drums and bass!

    115. Juan Jose says:

      Guitar followed by the drums

    116. Dan says:

      My favorite is my Gold Tone CEB-5 cello banjo. Growly.

    117. Winnie says:


    118. Mike T says:

      Guitar is my favorite, followed by drums and harmonica.

    119. Brian says:

      I easily have to say drums are my fav instrument. Providing the back beat and layin’ some solid beats makes me and other musicians happy!

    120. Sean says:

      Drums are my favourite, but Keyboards are second.

    121. Spencer Z says:


    122. Ross says:

      My favorite instruments are drums, piano, and ukulele!

    123. Stephen D. says:


    124. SR says:

      playing electric guitar is my favorite.

      though i do find playing bass extremely satisfying.

      i also enjoy embarrassing myself on the drums.

      i just love to play period.

    125. Doug says:

      bass all the way!!!

    126. Rodger says:

      Favorite instrument is the piano.

    127. Grant says:

      electric banjo

    128. Harry Barbee says:

      A guitar

    129. Dan says:

      A virtual synth – Ritual from

      with my Gibson SG a close second

    130. Ben says:

      Drums cause I hit things with sticks.

    131. Jared says:

      Guitar, though my son loves the drums!

    132. Edward Ten Eyck says:

      Guitar is my favorite.

    133. Erica says:

      Classical guitar and violin are my faves–sorry, I couldn’t decide between the two. ๐Ÿ™‚

    134. William B Johnston says:

      The electric guitar is the straightest path to the soul’s expression!

    135. Evan Hughes says:

      Drums baby! Nothing better!

    136. Robert says:

      Guitar! Its so easy to carry around and jam with!

    137. Debra Hall says:

      elec. guitar is fav

    138. Wade Conyers says:

      Synthesizer. Its everything and more.

    139. Alex Price says:

      the electric guitar!

    140. Paul Strosnider says:

      Im a bass and guitar player.. but love all instruments

    141. jeff says:

      drums are my favorite instrument!

    142. Melonie says:

      I love a piano – percussion AND strings!

    143. Neil McEachen says:

      I got a fever… and the only perscription is MORE COWBELL!

      (and 2nd place is the electric guitar)

    144. JM says:

      Fender Telecaster is my favorite

    145. Reger says:

      My fender jag bass

    146. Fender Stratocaster

    147. steve kost says:

      Drums are my weapon of choice and way of life- I was recently checking out DW drums for a second set… maybe I will win these and then I will know how great they play !!!

    148. David says:

      Drums are the best (and my favorite) instrument

    149. Randy says:

      The gee-tar, but I’ve wanted to learn drums for awhile now!

    150. Joe K says:

      The piano is my favorite instrument, but a good acoustic guitar is close behind.

    151. Nate says:

      Drums right now, but I’ve played a few others.

    152. Gigi Chow says:

      The piano! then the guitar! then drums! ๐Ÿ˜€ i think drums are cool but i haven’t laid hands on one yet):

    153. junkvalue says:

      Looks like a cool set. Fingers crossed!

    154. junkvalue says:

      Oops. Forgot to name the instrument.
      That would be an acoustic guitar.

    155. Nik says:

      Used to be drums, now it’s guitar!

    156. Dave A says:

      I’ve been playing drums for most of my life, but my favorite instrument is piano, because I love the sound of it, and don’t have one so it’s very exciting to play it!

      Drums are definitely a very close second though! ๐Ÿ˜€

    157. John Perry says:

      Baritone Sax!!

    158. Enamul Ahmed says:

      Guitar & Bass

    159. Andy says:

      Definitely the drums. Keeping everybody else in line is key.

    160. Geraldo says:

      Guitar, Piano, Bass, drums, vocals

    161. Austin Baker says:

      My favorite is Bass! Slap it up!

    162. David says:


    163. Steve Sullivan says:

      Guitars all day baby, but I love the beat.

    164. Alex K. says:

      drums are my favorite!

    165. Erica says:


    166. James Russell says:

      electric guitar is my favorites instrument

    167. Steve says:

      1969 Telecaster, and drums of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    168. Christian Bennett says:

      I usually play guitar but would love to have a drum set to learn to play drums!

    169. Shinbon says:

      Guitar, Bass, Drums

    170. john pioli says:

      I prefer the guitar.

    171. Have played guitar most of my life, but did take drum lessons when I was in my teens. Would love to sit behind a kits again. So as favourite it would have to to be the guitar.

    172. Julian says:

      Any instrument, we play guitar, bass, horns, harmonica, strings, keys and drums too

    173. Heather Birkman says:

      I favorite instrument’s are the flute and drums. Although very far apart in sound they are both great sounds.

      Thank you

    174. Ricky Hall says:

      My son has been on me to learn to play drums, if I win I guess he will get the chance.

    175. reason usual says:


    176. Joรƒยฃo says:

      THE BASS!!!! (The Fender jazz bass Marcus Miller signature model) Funky all the way!

    177. Dana says:

      Guitar is my #1 but my young boys love drums. This would be a great gift for them.

    178. Kurt says:

      I have to go with the electric guitar, drums a close second.

    179. Meghan C says:

      Hmm…I think perhaps the guitar. But drums really do set the motion in a song.

    180. Lance Allen says:

      Guitar is my main instrument, but drums are really cool!

    181. Eric Cox says:

      Drums are #1, and guitar runs a close 2nd.

    182. Matt says:


    183. jason chong says:

      Fender telecaster FTW!

    184. JonathanB says:

      I’m a bassist first and foremost, guitarist, and wanna-be drummer ๐Ÿ˜‰

    185. Alex Avery says:

      Right now, the guitar, but I’ve always wanted to learn to drum.

    186. Phil Mendenhall says:

      Saxaphone is my favorite instrument, although I can’t play anything with a reed to save my life. I’ve always wanted a drum set.

    187. Michael Brown says:

      The JUG, well, first emptying the JUG, then playing the JUG.

    188. Joel says:

      guitar. def guitar.

    189. Frank Jung says:

      Drums are my favorite instrument, with guitar and bass coming in at a close second and third.

    190. Bruce LaCombe says:

      Guitar, because it RAWKS !

    191. Mike says:

      My favorite instrument is guitar.

    192. Alex says:

      Mine has to be either drums or guitar.

    193. Donny Silva says:

      Anything percussive is my favorite. drums, acoustic guitar, bongos, congos… anything

    194. Troy says:

      My favorites are guitar and bass.. But every band needs drums

    195. Craig Ferguson says:

      My favorite instrument is the Bass. I’d love to learn the drums!!!

    196. Jim Capps says:

      My 11 year old plays Guitar and my 9 year old plays drums. My favorite instrument is the GRUMS

    197. The greatest musical instrument is actually the human being, but the instrument itself is providing us with its tones as far as we feel something from its vibrations – something that is deeply related with our own organism.

    198. Nic Parish says:

      OH Yeah! I read need this sooo bad. My birthday is tomorrow and this would be the best present on the planet.

    199. kenstee says:

      Fender VI-type short-scale 6 string basses.

    200. c says:

      Percussion of all kinds

    201. A.C. Enciso says:

      The drums are favorite musical instrument. When I listen to some music if the drums come out just right, that can make a song all by itself.

    202. Chris Roy says:

      Tough decision, but I’d have to go with “synthesizer”, since if I could only have one instrument, I’d still be able to record a complete song with one.

    203. Evan Egerer says:

      I’ve got a tie between the violin and guitar.

    204. Khyle says:

      I primarily play guitar, but my favourite is the drums. I get to whack out some fills, grooves and beats and chill out to it! Playing drums loud and proud!

    205. Evan Egerer says:

      Guitar all the way!

    206. kg2000 says:

      Allways dreamt about playng drums… btw i play the guitar.

    207. ed oliver says:

      Drums are the heartbeat…without it, the fullness of sound is not present

    208. Chris Brown says:

      I am opening my own teaching studio April 1st, small, 3 teaching rooms, and I sure would love to have a drumset ! I am a guitar teacher and thus, obviously, am lacking in funds….so it would be a great help. Pick me, pick me !! said the guitar. ha haa

    209. Darren says:

      I started on drums and they’ll always be the first love I’ll never get over. I play bass now, but over the years I’ve picked up several instruments. Peter Gabriel once said that anyone wanting to be a musician should start with drums – no matter waht instrument you intend to settle on and master. His feeling was that msicians who start on drums have a firm grasp of the foundation of all music – rythym. According to Peter, if you start on drums, every other instrument you pick up afterward will be much easier to learn. In my own personal experience I find this theory to be absolutely true.


    210. Craig Balfour says:

      My favourite instrument is my Chet Atkins Country Gentleman but I’d love to learn the drums better since my father was a drummer many years ago…

    211. Chris says:

      I play bass guitar semi-professionally, but I have always wanted to play the drums.

    212. Esther says:

      It’s hard to choose a favourite instrument…but I love playing keyboard.

    213. mark says:

      i like any good instrument, i play the guitar the most.

    214. Colin says:

      My favorite instrument that I own is a cigar box guitar. The Theremin for all around fav.

    215. Robert says:


    216. Taylor Ryan says:

      My favorite is guitar, with keyboards/synths running closely in second

    217. austin says:

      i play guitar mostly but i wou8ld love to get back on the drums again

    218. GARY VICUNA says:


    219. Matthew says:

      I am a self taught guitar player, and love guitar, but I recently got bored with it and started teaching myself drums. These are a lot nicer than my $200 Craigslist drums!!

    220. Forrest says:

      Bass mos def, drums a really close second, used to play both(:

    221. Cory says:

      Guitar but I need a drum set to record some of my new songs!

    222. Michael Bucholtz says:

      Guitar but always wanted a drum set

    223. Tracy R says:

      My favorite is the DRUMS!

    224. Juan says:

      I’m half a man and half a guitar!!! My head runs down to a bridge through six steel veins.

    225. DAVID says:


    226. Jason Sadler says:

      It all starts with the voice in some way or another, so that’s my vote.

    227. Paul says:

      Akai apc 40

    228. physioc says:

      My favorite instrument is the piano.

    229. sarah says:

      drums are for me!

    230. Ladies Rock Camp says:

      We love all the instruments! Drums are so fun!

    231. Guitar Drums Bass Keys Vocals!
      although we do have a particular soft spot for drums since for some reason 85% of our organizers are drummers!

    232. Daniel says:

      I love the acoustic guitar, but electric is my second favorite.

    233. Oscar says:

      The electric guitar, the first real instrument i wanted to play

    234. Justin says:

      I love drums. Ive played for 7 years.

    235. Beau says:

      vuvuzela for sure!

    236. Ernesto says:

      Electric guitar all the way.

    237. Dom says:

      Love the guitar (electric or acoustic depends on my mood).

    238. Alex says:

      I love the diverse playing capabilities of the acoustic guitar. Percussive, tap, slap, picking, and strumming when incorporated make an excellent sound.

    239. Thomas Murawski says:


    240. Mike F says:

      I like DRUMS!!!

    241. Dean Allen Swindell says:

      Guitar. LOVE the drums, but I can do an hours long gig with just a guitar.

    242. Taylor Burns says:

      Well the bass is My fav but im been wanting to learn the drums for a while this would be really sweet to win

    243. Mike says:

      Free instruments rock! Need more stuff!

    244. P.T. Murphy says:

      The DUHRUMS!!!

    245. bertram says:

      voice is the best instrument – but for my kid it would be drums…

    246. Nicola says:

      Drums of course…

    247. Justin says:

      The trumpet is my favorite. It adds a little something extra to the music.

    248. Antek says:

      Drums! Guitar is on the 2nd place. ๐Ÿ˜€

    249. derrick terrabelle says:

      i love

    250. Gary says:

      I love music. My favorite instrument is a loud screaming rock and roll guitar.

    251. Evan L says:

      the electric guitar is probably my fav, but i also love sax, piano, and drums

    252. John S. McMillan says:

      My favourite instrument is the theremin. It’s hard as hell to play but nothing can beat it’s authentic sound, especially if it has a variable tone knob…

    253. Tyler says:

      I like singing the most, but I could sure use this for my band I’m making.

    254. Lou DiFlorio says:

      The guitar!

    255. Per-Kristian says:

      BASS!!! The rumble in the band jungle..

    256. Brad says:

      A really good pianist/keyboard player gives me chills.

    257. Randy Benkowich says:

      Bass is the greatest with drums coming in a close second

    258. Gregory Riddle says:

      I like ’em all, but, my favorite instrument is my Steinberger Spirit double neck 4 string bass/6 string guitar. It’s very versatile when I play in a classic rock power trio.

    259. MARK W. KRAMER says:

      Bass player here who loves drums as well!

    260. veronica says:

      guitar is my favorite instrument ๐Ÿ™‚

    261. Bill Ryan says:

      Drums are the best

    262. Richard Ong says:

      My favourite instrument is the electric guitar.

    263. Piano/Keyboards!!!!!!!

    264. bboyspaz says:

      Saxophone all the way!! What a sexy instrument!

    265. Rita Nwosa says:

      Cello first 2nd has to be drums

    266. supertroopa86 says:

      Started off with guitar but now my fav is drums!!

    267. Brian says:

      Electric Guitar BRAH!!!

    268. Jessica says:

      Drums are my favorite, piano would have to be my second…

    269. Steve-o says:

      I absolutely love these drums they are beautiful and I would enjoy them with all my heart, and take care of them with all my soul because they are that beautiful! I am a very ecstatic punk drummer and I need a new set of drums as I have never really had a good set these are perfect!

    270. Tiffany says:

      I have always wanted one of these! My favorite instrument is the djembe drum though it’s too loud to practice it in my apartment. I could easily practice with this prize though!!!

    271. Ladis Pietros says:

      alesis micron is my favorite instrument. I lov dd drums though.

    272. Russell Richards says:

      first learned the clarinet, then the sax, then the bass guitar, now I’m learning the guitar, and I want to learn the drums aswell

    273. Mark Goebel says:

      Guitar is my main instrument but I also play drums. This set would be perfect for my recording studio.

    274. Dan says:

      My favorite musical instrument is a guitar (specifically when it’s being used for playing jazz).

    275. Christian says:

      I currently play a mean guitar but wouldn’t mind a free set of drums

    276. Eric says:

      I truly feel like the acoustic guitar is the best. It truly makes music more mellow, especially coffeehouse music.

    277. Haley says:

      Drums and guitar!

    278. Jeff says:

      My favorite instrument is probably the guitar but I love to listen to and play so many different kinds its hard to pick just one favorite.

    279. Janice says:

      I want to learn how to play the guitar.

    280. kurt says:


    281. Josip says:


    282. Ami says:

      i love playing the piano and flute!
      but my fiance would totally LOVE the drums as a gift as he always wanted to get a set but don’t have the money to!

    283. Daniel Labrador says:

      Favorite is the guitar, followed by drums, then melodica ๐Ÿ™‚

    284. Lyndsey says:

      I love the drums, they are loud, but they keep the beat and tempo of any song. plus,i [played them in the high schoolband, and would love to relearn., given i know a few ppl who can really rock the pots and pans!

    285. Brett says:

      guitar is my fave Drums come second

    286. ETHEL CARPENTER says:

      MY favourite musical instrument IS THE Ddrum Acoustic Drum Set (D2MB).

    287. Mike Boykin says:

      My favorite instrument is the drums hands down, but I like playing the keys and guitar as well.

    288. Mike says:

      I absolutely love playing the drums!!! I have been playing since I was 13.

    289. Karen says:

      Haha – I love that someone said a recorder.

      My favourite instrument would have to be a guitar – number 7 on my bucket list is to learn how to play and then write some songs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    290. Mychal Mitchell says:


    291. my favourite instrument is the drums!!

    292. Mitch White says:

      All Percussion instruments!!!! Particularly the Drumset

    293. Leanne says:

      I like drums, bass guitar and flute ๐Ÿ™‚

    294. Ben says:

      Very much want to learn to play drums, but can’t afford to.

    295. i love gibson les paul guitars

    296. Justin says:

      Guitar, Cello and of course… DRUMS!!!

    297. Stacey says:

      Violin is my favorite instrument. I always see it as a happy, fun dounding instrument. That can brighten any piece of music.

    298. Matt Lammers says:

      I love to play guitar, but I also enjoy playing my friends drums. So much fun.

    299. Derek says:

      Dude drums are my favorite! i swear if i won this drum set and played them 1 time then died the next day i would be so happy that i at least owned a drum set ONCE in my life… Drumming is what i dream about every night, every nap…. but im not getting closer cause my family dosent have the money to buy me a drum set…. hopefully if i win these i will be starting my dream as a drummer for the next great band that goes down in history

    300. Alex Stewart says:

      Rebecca!! Are you going to start fourth store as well and same kind of contest?

    301. Leonardo says:

      Fav is Guitar. Drums ROCK!

    302. Julie says:

      I love the drums – been playing since I was 15

    303. david says:

      Nice set. Been playing 30 years. Gravitating to Bass.

    304. Dave says:

      I played drums for 15 years. After college my wife and I settled down and started a family. I sold my drum kit then and have never been able to replace it. I would love to play again now that my kids are older..Thanks Dave

    305. justin says:

      trumpet and bass guitar. seems fun to play the drums

    306. mark says:

      drums without a doubt!!!

    307. I love playing drums as well as piano..but i love learning violin

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