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Dining Out for Life 2011

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 — 9:45am PDT
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The annual Dining Out for Life (“DOFL”) campaign returns this year across North America and in Vancouver it will benefit A Loving Spoonful and Friends for Life. When you go out to eat at a participating restaurant on March 24th, they will donate 25% of sales to these AIDS service organizations. Sumac Ridge Estate Winery will also donate $1 from every bottle sold during the month of March to these causes.

Weekend in Tofino, B.C. - Sept. 2010
Photo credit: John Bollwitt

There are over 230 participating restaurants from Whistler to White Rock and across the Fraser Valley that will be offering either breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu options for DOFL participants. You can either call to make a reservation or make an online booking where possible.

To raise awareness this year, Dining Out for Life has arranged a Listel Jazz Package giveaway for my readers including:

Accommodation for two in an art-infused Gallery Floor room at the Listel, a $100 CDN gift certificate for dinner in the award-winning O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar (with live jazz 7 nights a week), and the O’Doul’s Jazz CD “Take Time”, featuring Vancouver’s top jazz performers for your personal collection.

Here’s how you can enter to win this prize, valued at over $400:

  • Leave a comment on this post with the name of a participating restaurant (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win a #Dine4Life @OdoulsonRobson Jazz Package from @DineOut4LifeVan & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries next Thursday, March 17th at 12:00pm.

    Update The winner is Tracy (@tkwan23) – congratulations!

    Current contests on


    1. Lawrence says:

      Abigail’s Party is a participating DOFL restaurant

    2. Tracey Flattes says:

      Participating restaurant (and one I love) is Chambar!

    3. Linda says:

      I always go for dining out for life restaurants and i’m glad gotham’s steakhouse is participating

    4. sue says:

      I must say that’s a great list, but then it’s a great cause. The Mussels are a must have at Cork ‘n Fin , so I’ll go with that!

    5. Debbie says:

      seeing as they are so kind to offer the dining certificate in this excellent contest, I will have to go with O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar!

    6. MJ Ankenman says:

      Wow so many great restaurants to choose from…The teahouse is always a fave and this is a great reason to go for dinner on March 24th. It’s on my calendar.

    7. michelle says:

      I love Bin 941/942 and glad to see that they’re participating. 😀

    8. Edmund Chase says:

      Jazz and fine food sounds like there’s only one place to be…O’Douls will be my choice.

    9. Gen says:

      This is another great excuse to hit up Brown’s in Kits!

    10. Brenda says:

      Abigail’s Party !

    11. Emma says:

      Au Petit Chavignol is participating!

    12. Meghan says:

      One of my favourite Dining Out for Life restaurants is Fishworks!

    13. Lisa says:

      burgoo bistro is!

    14. Mac says:

      Bin 941 is delicious! Glad to see so many great restaurants participating!

    15. Kelsey says:


    16. Grace says:

      Las Margaritas is a fun place! good food too 🙂

    17. Vanessa Smitlener says:

      Charlie Don’t Surf is a White Rock institution! I grew up in White Rock, and whenever I go back to visit this is a favourite place of mine to go to and reminisce.

    18. raincoaster says:

      This is the only way I’ll ever be able to afford C, so there you go; gotta support the cause.

    19. Maryanne says:

      Hoping to hit up El Barrio in east van!

    20. Rachel says:

      Love La Brasserie!

    21. JAK says:

      Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House — one of my favourite date places to go with my wife!

    22. belinda says:

      The Eatery

    23. Tracy says:

      Bistrot Bistro

    24. Jas says:

      McLean’s Restaurant

    25. Maryanne says:

      Dining out for life. Such amazing fundraising for such an important cause. Even with so many amazing places to discover, I <3 the standby in my hood, hamburger marys.

    26. Ceci says:

      C Restaurant

    27. Lesley says:

      Ooh I’ve always wanted to try burgoo…

    28. Richard W says:

      Love Joe Fortes! It is cool to know that they are participating!

    29. Brad says:

      O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar!

    30. Kevin says:

      I do this every year… Gotta love CRU!

    31. Justin says:

      I like Chambar!

    32. Jessica says:

      Chambar (a standout in the Vancouver dining scene).

    33. Iain says:

      Mozarts Bakery & Cafe

    34. A.J. says:

      The Cork & Fin is on the list! I just saw them on twitter a few days ago and it peaked my interest.

      Definitely a nice prize package!

    35. Tim says:

      Biercraft on Cambie or Commercial!

    36. Brenda says:

      I love Campagnolo! Great cured meats. Yum.

    37. Tawcan says:

      The Eatery is on the list! YUM!

    38. Vanessa says:

      I would love to try eating at The Flipside!

    39. Steven Barringham says:

      Al Porto Ristorante

    40. Julia says:

      Nice to see Hy’s Steakhouse Whistler on this list! Absolutely love jazz + great food – what an awesome prize package!

    41. Scott says:

      Incendio is quite good.

    42. Katie says:


    43. Rachael Q says:

      Burgoo Bistro (any one of their three locations.

    44. Anne says:

      Chambar is participating!

    45. Gerald says:

      Takis’ Taverna has the best greek food in town and is a great place to meet up with a group of friends!

    46. Jodi says:

      Adesso Bistro

    47. Aileen R says:

      Howe Sound Brew Pub/Restaurant is a participant. I was sooo addicted to their yam fries with their ailoi mmmmmmmmmmm yummers! Oh and they have a burger for even the most interesting taste buds!

    48. David says:

      C Restaurant Tel: 604-681-1164 is one of my Favorite place because not only it has great food it is also Ocean wise and Eco-friendly

    49. Teresa says:

      I like Carmelo’s.

    50. Danielle Scott says:

      Sanafir Restaurant & Lounge I went here recently and it had great food and service!

    51. Linda says:

      COAST O Lounge

    52. Rebecca says:

      So many great places! I like Wild Rice and Shaktea!

    53. Robin says:

      Burgoo! Yum!

    54. Meghan says:

      Abigail’s Party – I love their cocktails!

    55. Lori says:

      Fish House…yum!

    56. darcy says:

      Chilli House

    57. Ennie says:

      Abigail’s Party

    58. Jeannette Jorgenson says:

      La Bodega Restaurant, has been on my to do list. will make it happen during DOFL! 🙂

    59. Erica says:

      The Cork & Fin!

    60. Dianne Chow says:

      One of my favorite restaurants on the list is Provence.

    61. kylie C says:

      Seasons in the Park – it’s classic!

    62. shaman71 says:

      Thai House in North Van is always my family’s favorite, so I’ll go with that.

    63. Jennifer says:

      Boneta is on the list and I’ve always wanted to eat there.

    64. Betty says:

      La Brasserie! Best Burgers

    65. Ed says:

      100 nights

    66. lindawwww says:

      One of my favourite restaurants on the list – The Fish House in Stanley Park

    67. nocal says:

      Great Restaurant!!

    68. stephanie says:

      Chambar is on the list. I have always wanted to go there. I have taken a cooking class at the Dirty Apron and loved it.

    69. Sophia says:

      I have been wanting to try Boneta since forever!

    70. Alysha says:

      Bin 942!!!!! Amazing!!!

    71. Parker says:

      Boneta would be a fabulous night out!

    72. Lori says:

      Wow! Restaurant: C Restaurant

    73. Gary says:


    74. Murray Ingenthron says:


    75. John says:

      burgoo bistro !

    76. Tricia says:

      My mom just came back from Bin 942 and loved it — think I have to go try it now 😀

    77. liz says:

      The Hamilton Street Grill is simply scrumptious!

    78. Helen says:


    79. Bons says:

      Chambar is one of the participating restaurants.

    80. Lyndsey says:

      Wow… A pletora of amazing dining institutions to pick from (so proud we have so many participating!!!) I would have to say C, because I would probably never get there, if only for a special occassion. PLUS, they are oceanwise/sustainable! I heart fishies!

    81. Lyndsey says:

      Wow… A plethora of amazing dining institutions to pick from (so proud we have so many participating!!!) I would have to say C, because I would probably never get there, if only for a special occassion. PLUS, they are oceanwise/sustainable! I heart fishies!

    82. Mav says:

      O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar

    83. Sunshine G says:

      Abigail’s Party is one I’ve heard lots about and would love to try!

    84. Jen says:

      What an amazing prize! Found one in my own backyard: Browns Socialhouse in Port Moody.

    85. Wesley says:

      So many to choose from! I’ve never been to Bin 941. Would love to go.

    86. Tooth Fairy says:

      Bridges Restaurant is participating ☺

    87. Jen says:

      Creekbread in Whistler is participating….the best pizza I have ever had!!!

    88. JA says:

      CRU is one of the participating restaurants!

    89. Angie says:

      One of my fave participating restaurants is Cru.

    90. Dilara says:

      I love that one of my favorite restaurants, Latitude, is a participating restaurant.

    91. laura says:

      aubergine grill please!

    92. Melissa E. says:

      Browns Socialhouse in Langley is a participating DOFL restaurant!!

    93. Lucie says:

      One of my ‘go to’ brunch spots, Bandidas Taqueria, is a participant.

    94. Maktaaq says:

      A participating restaurant that I visited recently was Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House.

    95. Harjit says:

      I’ve heard of Joe Fortes, but I haven’t been able to go to any of the one’s participating. Would love to win!

    96. Sarah says:

      Opus Bar

    97. Andrew C. says:

      The Reef

    98. Manuel says:

      Samaba Brazilian Steakhouse is participating. I really enjoyed my visit there, lots of great meat!!

    99. rino says:

      Amici restaurant

    100. tania says:

      Bin 942

    101. maria says:


    102. Saranna says:

      The Coast O Lounge is participating this year.

    103. Matthew says:

      C Restaurant!

    104. nocal says:

      Love this!

    105. alana park says:

      Backstage Grille

    106. Micaela says:

      I woooouuulllddd love CHAMBAR! yum yum! thanks for the contest 🙂

    107. Lindsay says:

      Abigail’s Party!

    108. Keri Haywood says:

      Participating – and my fav – Le Gavroche! Best French food in Vancouver.

    109. matt says:

      O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar!

    110. Jan says:

      I want to try The Pear Tree Restaurant again sometime. Thanks for the contest!

    111. Dee says:

      Au Petit Chavignol. What a great restaurant.

    112. phy says:

      Can’t go wrong with Chambar!

    113. Sherry says:

      Adesso Bistro is one of the participating restaurants

    114. Leane says:

      Burgoo Bistro West 10th

    115. Abigail says:

      Well as its my namesake…… I will say Abigail’s Party. Cheers

    116. Murray A says:

      You gotta try Tuscany Restaurant (Bowen Island)…. just the best!!!

    117. Taigi says:

      The Elbow Room !

    118. Sophia says:

      O’Douls!! great wine and jazz!

    119. Areta says:

      Abigail’s Party!

    120. Sandra says:

      Chambar is great!

    121. Ruby says:

      Simba’s is a fave as well as Subeez

    122. jean says:

      Abigail’s Party – great to see them on the list and their weekend brunches are some of the best in the city.

    123. Jim says:


    124. Carol says:

      I love Chambar

    125. Tracey says:

      I love Brix. Haven’t been in too long. Perfect excuse to go.

    126. Chris says:

      The Eatery! Sit down, order up some Captain Crunch roles, briefly know what heaven tastes like, spend an extra hour at the gym the next day burning off the huge amount of calories it has while never once regretting the order. 😉

    127. Andrea says:

      I’ll be eating at Calabash for Dine Out For Life! YUM.

    128. Katherine says:

      Yes! La Brasserie, my favourite new find is on the list! Everyone should try it … amazing food 🙂

    129. Janet says:

      The Eatery!
      Miso hungry…

    130. Murray A says:

      Tuscany over here on Beautiful Bowen Island.

    131. Jenny says:

      charm modern thai

    132. Norah says:

      Chambar is awesome!

    133. Erin says:

      Abigail’s Party! It’s our fav, go to restaurant.

    134. Kristine says:

      So many great places participating! We often go to Abigails’s Party… I’d love to go out for my birthday dinner!!!!!

    135. Perry McCulloch says:

      I like that every location of Brown’s Social House is participating. I love the Point Grey location. I may try Port Moody this time.

    136. Ann says:

      Abigail’s Party is participating…. it’s great for brunch, dinner or late night drinks! A kits gem!

    137. Liam says:

      Cat’s Social House on Granville Island!!

    138. John says:

      The New Bohemian

    139. Helen says:

      Pourhouse Restaurant

    140. Natalie says:

      Pondok Indonesia Restaurant

    141. jeanie says:

      i heard O’Doul’s is really great for brunch! =)

    142. Tom says:

      Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

    143. Ian says:

      Central Bistro!

    144. Steven says:

      Don Guacomole’s

    145. Grace says:

      Joe’s Grill on Denman

    146. Jeanie says:

      Enigma is nice.

    147. rose says:

      Love this event! Great prize!

    148. alo says:

      Look forward to dine out.

    149. Ying says:

      Good food experience for a great cause.

    150. pete says:

      Great list of participating eateries.

    151. Dennis L. says:

      Chilli House Thai Bistro

    152. Shawn Painchaud says:

      O’Doul’s Restaurant & Bar, of Course!! =) tweeting also @vanisler. =)

    153. Miss Jane says:

      Twisted Fork Bistro, since I just did a school project on these guys.

    154. Kevin M says:

      Will probably check out 100 Nights – It has great new decor and they support a lot of non-profits!

    155. Matt H says:

      Dining Out for Life 2011!

    156. Kyla says:

      I’m going to go with The Eatery! Love that place 🙂

    157. Jenny says:

      Abigail’s Party- love the atmosphere, great cocktails.

    158. NN says:

      Mangia E Bevi in West Van is participating.

    159. Cameron W. says:

      Burgoo Bistro Main Street!

    160. Allison says:

      The Reef Restaurant

    161. Heidi says:

      Stephos, LaBodega, Milestones English Bay….some of my old favorites from my downtown days.

    162. Bapi says:

      Thanks for the opportunity! One of the participating restaurants is Chambar.

    163. Cadi says:

      Abigails Party and Chambar are two faves of mine participating in DOFL!

    164. Richard says:

      I’ve always wanted to go and check out the Jazz at O’Douls. Being a huge Jazz fan I tried the experience at The Cellar but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Would love to check out O’Douls one day.

    165. O’Douls on Robson 4 SURE!!! xx/oo

    166. Thrilled to see the amazing Chambar Restaurant in Gastown is participating – I heart Chambar!

    167. O’Douls on Robson 4 SURE!!! xx/oo

    168. O’DOULS ON ROBSON!!!

    169. Michele Myers says:

      Irish Heather!

    170. Samir says:

      Love Chambar!

    171. Tim says:

      Love the Pourhouse in Gastown!!!!

    172. Michelle Williamson says:

      New Bohemian, in Kits! I was there last night and it was great.

    173. Cassandra says:

      Mozart Bakery & Cafe

    174. Sherry says:

      The Reef is one of participants

    175. Elaine says:

      Definitely Bistrot Bistro. My favorite Kits restaurant

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