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Bon Jovi at Rogers Arena, Win Tickets

Monday, March 7th, 2011 — 2:46pm PDT
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In 1995 I was in France on a school trip and I stayed with a girl who just happened to be the biggest Bon Jovi fanatic that I had met to date. Posters, t-shirts, branded novelty items, and busting out random lyrics at any time of day.

Ten years later, I met a remarkable woman (who would become my sister in law) and I think her Bon Jovi fandom rivaled that of my French friend (minus the lyrics and novelty items). It was in these moments that realized the timeless draw of this group and its dedicated global fan-base.

Bon Jovi will be coming to Rogers Arena for two shows this spring (March 25 and 26) and tickets are currently on sale.

I also have a pair of tickets to give away, here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite Bon Jovi song (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry) or re-tweet a post including the same link as below
  • I entered to win tickets to @BonJovi in #Vancouver from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all contest entries at 9:00am this Friday March 11, 2011. The winner will attend the show March 26, 2011.

    Update The winner is Caroline (@carolinecalvert) – congratulations!

    Update Caroline sent me some photos from the Bon Jovi concert.

    bon jovi winner
    bon jovi winner

    It’s always nice to hear back from contest winners when they have enjoyed their prizes and I’m glad Caroline had such a good time.


    1. Marina says:

      That’s an easy question: Wanted Dead or Alive…loved that song since I was in elementary school!

    2. Jeannine says:

      “Always” is my favourite!

    3. Michelle says:

      Fave Bon Jovi song ever is Wanted Dead or Alive . . . it was my grade 10 anthem, and whenever I hear it still, I have to sing it at the top of my lungs!!

    4. Lynne says:

      I saw these guys back in the day in Winnipeg..I would not say no to seeing them again!

    5. Ryan says:

      Gotta be Livin on a Prayer

    6. Marina says:

      That’s an easy question: Wanted Dead or Alive…loved that song since I was in elementary school!

    7. Livin’ on a prayer!

    8. Livin’ on a prayer!

    9. mitzi says:

      Bad medicine!

    10. Linda says:

      has to be ‘always’.. love the song, love the vid!

    11. Grace says:

      Livin on a Prayer!

    12. Kristen says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer

    13. sumi says:


    14. Jacob Lau says:

      Does Blaze of Glory count? Technically its solo Jon Bon Jovi

    15. Marnie B. says:

      What Do You Got? – loves it!

    16. Tracey Flattes says:

      Bad Medicine!!!!

    17. Nina J says:

      Has to be Livin’ on a Prayer! Ah..junior high.

    18. Diane says:

      You give love a bad name

    19. Sea Ball says:

      You give love a bad name

    20. stephen says:

      It’s my life!!!

    21. Chris F says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive

    22. jeff says:

      Hard to believe they’re still together…would enjoy a trip back in time to watch them.

    23. Rosalia says:

      Always!!! I sometimes catch myself singing it lol

    24. Brenda says:

      Livin on a Prayer

    25. Cliff says:

      It’s My Life

    26. Sanaz says:

      It’s My Life

    27. Nicole says:

      I’ll be there for you, these five words I swear to you…

    28. Corey says:

      Wanted (Dead or Alive)

    29. carly says:

      wanted dead or alive

    30. alana park says:

      living on a prayer

    31. Christine says:

      Living On A Prayer!

    32. shirin says:

      Living on a Prayer

    33. Alice says:

      Must be Living on a Prayer! Love Bon Jovi! Would love to go to the concert.

    34. Jen says:

      It’s my life.

    35. Meghan says:

      It’s a toss up between ‘Livin on a Prayer’ or ‘Bad Medicine’ 🙂

    36. Megan says:

      Tough call… but I’ll have to go with Livin’ on a Prayer.

    37. Sandy Neudorf says:

      Living on a Prayer, oh yea!

    38. Allyson says:

      Living on a prayer!!

    39. james neyedli says:

      well, i don’t tweet but i’ll have to say i was a fan of bon jovi from either ‘livin on a prayer’.
      I was probably only 12, or 13 at the time.
      But Bon Jovi still rocks!

    40. maria says:

      Livin On a Prayer!

    41. Kat says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer
      Saw them in 1998 and touched Jon when he came off stage. I didn’t wash my hand for 2 days.

    42. leighann says:

      Wanted – Dead or Alive is my fav.

    43. jaci says:

      I’ve been trying to win tickets to this for years!

    44. Samantha Jung says:

      “Dead or Alive”!

    45. Meghan says:

      Shot Through the Heart

    46. Melissa says:

      Living on a Prayer! Really hard to pick just one <3

    47. Christy says:

      Without a doubt my all-time favorite Bon Jovi song is Livin’ on a Prayer!!

    48. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      @Melissa you can list more if you like but that one’s looking like the most popular so far!

    49. John says:

      Livin on a Prayer !

    50. Deborah says:

      Wanted Dead Or Alive

    51. Martha says:

      most definitely Livin on a Prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Cel says:

      Living on a Prayer!

    53. John says:

      Awesome idea Rebecca. Cool to see everyone’s faves. Mine are:

      Classic Bon Jovi fave: “Let It Rock” – Slippery When Wet
      Modern fave: “Shot Through The Heart” – Bon Jovi (self titled)

    54. Julie says:

      These Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Asha says:

      Shot Through the Heart….SO much fun to belt out at the top of your lungs!

    56. Keyne says:

      Living on a Prayer!

    57. John says:

      Ooops….mine are both Classics! LOL!

    58. liz says:

      Bed of Roses in my favourite

    59. liz says:

      Bed of Roses in my favourite

    60. LinziMG says:

      It’s a hot night, the natives are restless, we’re sweating by the light of the moon… I stepped into the twilight zone. And she left my heart with vertigo’

      ‘One Wild Night’, no question about it. I was the biggest Bon Jovi fan as a teenager, had all the albums and still, shamefully enough, have more than a few tracks on my iPod. Such a huge fan of the Jovi.

    61. Vanessa says:

      Wanted: Dead or Alive is the best Bon Jovi song!! It’s the song that I start singing when I’m bored 🙂

    62. Tessa says:

      Livin on a Prayer or Always

    63. Cassia says:

      My favorite BJ song is Livin’ on a prayer!!!!! 🙂

    64. Rob says:

      Dead or Alive!

    65. Chista says:

      living on a prayer!!

    66. Albert Giesbrecht says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive. I’ve seen a million faces, and I rocked them all!

    67. Mary says:

      Bad Medicine!

    68. tara says:

      “Wanted dead or alive” or “always” are my fav’s. Would love to treat my hubby to this concert!

    69. Steven says:

      Living on a prayer for sure!

    70. Teresa says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive

    71. Ian says:

      Wanted dead or alive!

    72. Grace says:

      Livin on a prayer of course. I love that song!

    73. Caroline says:

      Oh what a great song… I was a HUGE fan in high school.. I had a binder with all their pictures… I drew the band (sketch) and sent it to them… I was in “love”…. Then when I was 21 (a long while back) i saw Jon himself walking in Pacific center.. and i froze… my legs did not move he walked past me gave me a smile and kept on walking… the biggest regret of my life not telling him how much I loved his music and saying hello…. 🙂

    74. parker says:

      Of course Livin’ on a Prayer.

      When I was in Grade 8, I asked the hair dresser to cut my hair like Jon Bon Jovi’s! I even brought in a teen mag to show her. It looked like a mop, but I loved it!!!

    75. Sue Sinclair says:

      Tommy used to work on the docks, union men on strike, he’s down on his luck … it’s tough.

      Living on a Prayer #ftw

    76. Caroline says:

      oh and my favorite song is Wanted Dead or Alive… it was also the first cassette I ever bought… LOL

    77. Harri says:

      “Wanted dead or alive”

    78. Dennis says:

      one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs is It’s My Life. Shiri Appleby FTW!

    79. Tina L. says:

      Favorite song would be I’ll Be There For You

    80. Silvia says:

      Livin’ on a prayer!! Also the best Karaoke song!!

    81. Denise says:

      I love them all!! They just keep making fabulous music! My fav today is “you want to make a memory”. Jon is like fine wine.

    82. Justin Martin says:

      Takin it back to the basics. Let’s hear Runaway!!

    83. Shirley says:

      Bed of Roses

    84. Katie says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer

    85. Mae says:

      It’s My Life and Livin’ on a Prayer. JBJ doesn’t look much older than he did back in the late 80s. He’s timeless.

    86. Vivian says:

      It’s My Life – that’s the song that turned me into a Bon Jovi fan 🙂

    87. Karen C says:

      Living on a Prayer! The best!

    88. Jas says:

      Its my all-one of my all time favorite songs to listen to while driving!

    89. Sherry says:

      Wanted, dead or alive!!

    90. Ennie says:

      It’s My Life

    91. Rachael Q says:

      It’s My Life.

    92. Maria says:

      Livin’ on a prayer!

    93. Kaylie Ingram says:

      Definitely IT’S MY LIFE

    94. Kaylie says:

      It’s my life!

    95. Shekoofeh says:

      My favorite song is “Always”

    96. tracy says:

      livin’ on a prayer, who says you can’t go home & superman tonight! really couldn’t pick just one.

    97. Lisa says:

      livin on a prayer!!!!!!!!!!

    98. Julie says:

      Blaze of glory!!!

    99. seapotato says:

      Livin’ on a prayer! classic!

    100. shelly says:

      livin on a prayer !

    101. lori says:

      Wanted-Dead or Alive

    102. darcy says:

      It’s my life

    103. Jenny says:

      I have “you give love a bad name” in my head!

    104. Jenny says:

      I have “you give love a bad name” in my head!

    105. Tomarra says:

      Definitely Dead or Alive!
      Singing it as I write this…

    106. Erika De Torres says:

      Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame, darling

      you give love a bad name :)! <3

    107. Darlene says:

      You Give Love A Bad Name!
      Earliest memory: Age 5, rocking out in the backseat of my parents Oldsmobile with my older siblings, en-route to a camping trip to Harrison Hot Springs.
      Most recent memory: Age 29, rocking out to the cover band playing this song at a bar in Coquitlam, last Saturday!

    108. Addie says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer

    109. Ana says:

      “It’s my life!” I play it like crazy in every single one if my birthdays!

    110. stacey says:

      Hmmmm…Livin on a Prayer’s my singalong fave, but Bad Medicine’s pretty rad too.

    111. LuvLia says:

      “It’s my life!” Though there are SOOO many awesome songs…can’t beat an eighties love ballad!

    112. Michael Kwan says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive is pretty good, but I think I’ll cast my vote for You Give Love a Bad Name.

    113. Dilara says:

      Always is my all time Bon Jovi favorite!

    114. Ami says:

      I like “It’s my Life!” 🙂

    115. Rebecca says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer

    116. Anna says:

      Thats a easy questions: Livin on a Prayer! (LOVE Bon Jovi <3)

    117. Teresa says:

      It’s my life!

    118. anna says:

      Livin on a Prayer! (love it)

    119. ThatDamJonGuy says:

      Bed of Roses!!

    120. Gina says:

      Livin on a prayer

    121. Lindsey says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive!

    122. Kelli says:

      How do you choose just one? For rocking out – Bad medicine!

    123. Jim says:

      Livin on a prayer

    124. Carol says:

      Living on a Prayer

    125. Vania says:


    126. Vania says:

      It’s my life.

    127. Victor says:

      Bed of roses

    128. Brenda says:

      It’s gotta be Living on a Prayer

    129. Sita says:

      Never say goodbye!

    130. Jennifer M. says:

      It’s My Life!!!

    131. corey says:


    132. Heather says:

      Living on a Prayerrrrr

    133. jeanie says:

      love Living on a Prayer but been loving belting out Saturday Night lately =)

    134. Sunhee says:

      Bed of Roses

    135. Erica says:

      It’s My Life!

    136. Shannon Mac says:

      Bed of Roses and It’s my life!

    137. Shannon Mac says:

      Bed of Roses and Its my life

    138. Laura E. says:

      Blaze of Glory!

    139. Ana says:

      livin’ on a prayer of course, it is not only one of the most fantastic songs created during the peak of their careers but it makes me stop whatever i’m going and starting singing along quite loudly.

    140. Sara says:


    141. natalie says:

      wanted dead or alive !!!

    142. Aileen R says:

      Keep the faith. It helps when life seems to be sucking to much. 😀

    143. Richard says:

      Livin’ on a prayer

    144. Erin says:

      livin’ on a prayer

    145. Patricia says:

      Of course, Livin’ on a prayer!

    146. Matthew says:

      You give love a bad name

    147. Jewels says:

      living on a prayer!

    148. Virginia says:

      “You Give Love a Bad Name” brings back memories for me!

    149. Tracy says:

      We Weren’t Born to Follow!

    150. Jenny says:

      Living on a Prayer

    151. Manuel says:

      Shot Through the Heart

    152. Richard W says:

      Dead or Alive!

    153. Holly says:

      I’m entering because my little sister is the biggest most insane Bon Jovi fan. Her fav song is Living’ on a Prayer. Winning these tix would really freak her freak!

    154. Shawn says:

      “You Give Love A Bad Name”. I been rocking out to this song since it came out back in the day. Hope to win tickets to see Bon Jovi finally in my life.

    155. Kristina says:

      Livin on a Prayer!!

    156. Erin says:

      Gotta be Livin on a Prayer all the way!!!

    157. Ceci says:

      Have to be It’s my life!!

    158. Monique says:

      It’s My Life – Bon Jovi <3


    159. Benji Geddes says:

      Got to be – Wanted dead or alive

    160. Amy W. says:

      It’s my life!

    161. Kyle T says:

      It’s My Life. Its one of the best go to songs for karaoke to belt out.

    162. Sandra says:

      It’s my Life and also, that newer one…(You want to) Make a Memory!

    163. Steph :) says:

      My favourite Bon Jovi song is Livin’ On A Prayer! I saw them in ’89…ahhh the good ole days with big hair, tight jeans and white boots!

    164. Mike says:

      Livin’ On A Prayer!

    165. Piotr says:

      Wanted Dead or Alive from YOUNG GUNS. God! I loved that movie. Charlie Sheen was still sane, Emilio as Billy The Kid, and Keiffer Sutherland, as well as Lou Diamond Phillips= CLASSIC!!!!

    166. Adam says:

      My Fav: Wantede Dead or Alive
      – Adam

    167. Linda says:

      I like “Always”.

    168. Carl says:

      Easy. Dead Or Alive is my favorite Bon Jovi song.

    169. Alysha says:

      Livin on a prayer!!!! Its so cute “take my hand, we’ll make it I swear…”

    170. lori davis says:

      I luv ur contests. I’m going with ‘Living on a Prayer’ gets the audience going 🙂

    171. Debbie says:

      Wanted Dead Or Alive… you can’t even say or type the name of the song without singing it!

    172. Lisa says:

      it’s my life!! for sure

    173. Rafaela says:

      It’s My Life

    174. Kelsey says:


    175. Josephina says:

      It’s My Life or Living on a Prayer. I like them both!

    176. Jane says:

      Fave Song is “You Give Love A Bad Name”

    177. Tim C says:

      oooOOO Livin’ on a prayerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Best motivational workout song ever.


    178. Alison says:

      My usual fave is Living on a Prayer, but it really depends on my mood!

    179. Katrina says:

      It’s my life, and Wanted Dead or Alive

    180. Hanne-Sophie Solhaug says:

      “It’s my Life” is definitely my favorite! It describes my life very well 🙂

    181. stephanie key says:

      Livin on a prayer

    182. Tiffany says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer!!! Such a great song to listen when you’re down!

    183. Priscilla says:

      I love so many of them, but I will pick “Thank you for loving me” as I made that song my gift in the Christmas Message I sent to my family and friends this past Christmas!

    184. Graeme says:

      My favourite is “Always”.

    185. Winnie says:

      It’s my life!

    186. Nadine says:

      Livin’ on a Prayer, hands down. Stick with the classics. I would love tickets… the shows are a couple days before my birthday!

    187. Harjit says:

      Ooo this concert is so close to my Anniversary!!! Fave song: Livin’ on a Prayer 🙂

    188. Jodi says:

      It’s My Life for sure.

    189. tracy says:

      gotta love livin’ on a prayrer =D

    190. Danielle Scott says:

      Livin’ on a prayer!

    191. Wanda says:

      You give love a bad name!

      But I also love singing living on a prayer blaze if glory shot through the heart
      Bed if roses run away ok I love all his songs 🙂 lol

    192. jackie smith says:

      You give love a bad name !!!

      Jon still looks great!!

    193. Don Foran says:

      It’s my life!

    194. Farhan says:

      Livin on a prayer!

    195. Spencer says:

      Livin on a Prayer. Such a great song!

    196. donna chong says:

      living on a prayer

    197. Jason Rickey says:

      My all time favorite Bon Jovi song since it was released is “ONLY LONELY”

    198. JT says:

      Gotta be Livin On A Prayer! First time I heard it I was sitting around a camp fire with a bunch of friends and I was hooked!

    199. Colleen says:

      Living on a prayer …

    200. Jill says:

      Lovin’ that Livin’ on a Prayer

    201. Fiona says:

      It’s My Life!!!

    202. Shopaholicinvan says:

      It’s my life, it’s now or never…

      Frankly, all of them are good! Didn’t get tickets to this show so would <3 to win. 🙂

    203. Tom H says:

      These 5 words I swear to you

      “I’ll Be There For You”

    204. Kathy says:

      My favourite Bon Jovi song is Always!

    205. Peter says:

      Thanks for the contest.

    206. Roxanne Reid says:

      I’ll be there for you

    207. Vanessa says:

      Livin’ On A Prayer of course!

    208. Janice Cotter says:

      Livin On A Prayer

    209. Danny says:

      My “one” is Livin on a Prayer… special mention to every other song!!

    210. Michelle says:


    211. Colleen says:

      Bed of Roses

    212. sandra says:

      would love a pair to take my moms to celebrate her health!

    213. Kelly says:

      What do you got!

    214. pete says:

      wanted dead or alive

    215. rose says:

      It’s my life

    216. ari says:

      living on a prayer

    217. ying says:

      it’s my life

    218. PLO says:

      thank you for loving me

    219. AH says:

      wanted dead or alive

    220. Julie Dormer says:

      BED OF ROSES!! I listened to it on repeat for like 4 months… so, my brother actually HATES this song now! haha ha

    221. Phoenix Lockheart says:

      Favorite song eh? Egads,like asking what’s my favorite snowflake. I’ll have to go with LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME for this hour.
      thanks for doing contest!

    222. vincent says:

      wanted dead or alive! XD

    223. Tazim says:

      I like living on a prayer!

    224. Jax says:

      Jon Bon Jovi never ages!! love him!

    225. jenny says:

      living on a prayer!!

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